The week that was: 'Kate' remains the WonderPuss

Top 25 Notebook

Sharif Talukder

Looking back

Another good week of college football ended with a shocker. Florida was stunned by Tennessee 20-17, its first loss in five years to the Vols.

Florida looked horrible. It played like it wanted to lose the game. A source close to the team told me that Stevie-Boy felt bad that he had kicked Tennessee's ass the last five years and wanted the Vols to win once as a friendly gesture. Great sportsmanship, Spurrier. So, rather than just forfeiting the game, the team made stupid mistakes and costly turnovers.

Florida has the ability to score, but a number of fumbles and a missed field goal in overtime that tied the game gave the Gators their first lose this season.

LSU vs. Auburn was a good game in the first half. Auburn actually led the game in the first half 19-17, but in the second half the Fighting Tigers of LSU took over and showed why they're the favorites to win the SEC West. They won 31-19.

The game was a must-win for the LSU, as it starts one of the toughest October schedules in the nation. The Tigers face No. 12 Georgia, then play at No. 9 Florida, then come home to face (25) Kentucky and rival Mississippi State. The Tigers' woes continue as they go to Oxford to face the rednecks of Ole Miss.

DiNardeaux's bunch will not go undefeated next month, but it is crucial they beat MSU and Ole Miss if they want to go to the SEC Championship game.

Texas vs. Kansas State: Not even worth wasting space on. Score 48-7. Coach Mack Brown, a word of advice: If the Florida State head coaching spot comes up when Coach Bowden retires, take the job. Texas is a has-been, and a never-will-be-again.

The Heisman watch continues

The Heisman contenders are saying they don't care who wins the Heisman. And most tried to prove that last Saturday.

Ricky Williams had the second-worst performance of his career, rushing for 48 yards in 25 carries. Consider him out unless they start winning. Texas faces Rice next.

Donovan McNabb is now the frontrunner because of the 70-7 victory over Rutgers. It wasn't a good day looking at his stats, but when a team scores 70 points, you have to give the QB due credit.

Kevin Faulk, Tim Couch and Ron Dayne all had decent games. Each of their schools won, so they are still in it. And Michael Wiley joined the hunt by rushing for 209 yards and knocking off a ranked team.

And last, but not least, we have Cade "the WonderPuss" McWhine. Kate had a decent game by throwing more than 300 yards, but not a Heisman-type performance on or off the field. McWhine was frustrated throughout the game because, unlike in the first game against the Yokels from Austin, the UH team actually played solid defense.

This weekend

There are some key games this weekend. Michigan State plays at Michigan, and a bowl berth is up for grabs. This will be a close game if the real teams show up. Watch for the Spartans to pound the ball inside, but the Wolverines will counter by throwing the ball. Prediction: Michigan

Kentucky at Florida: Tim Couch faces the two-headed monster of Doug Johnson and Jesse Palmer. Couch will get his usual 400-plus yards, but Florida's defense will prevent him from scoring. Palmer and Johnson, conversely, should have a field day with the Wildcats' defense. Prediction: Florida.

McWhine and the Bruins travel to Miami, Fla., to find out what dirty play is all about. WonderPuss will get to complain about life to the officials, but in between doing so, he will also score points. Miami also has a good offense and will stick around for a while before choking at the end.

A note to the Miami defense: Give pretty-boy Kate the respect he deserves. Kick his ass. Prediction: McWhine will leave Miami fussing about God-knows-what.

On the tube

Tonight: Arizona at San Diego State at 7 p.m. on ESPN.

Saturday: Iowa at Illinois at 11 a.m., KNWS Channel 51; Michigan State at Michigan at 11 a.m., ABC; Northwestern at Wisconsin at 11 a.m., ESPN; Pittsburgh at Virginia Tech at 11 a.m., ESPN2; Texas Tech at Iowa State at 1 p.m., CBS; Purdue at Notre Dame at 1:30 p.m., NBC; Washington at Nebraska at 2:30 p.m., ABC; Kentucky at Florida at 3 p.m., CBS; Alabama at Arkansas at 5 p.m., ESPN2; Georgia Tech at North Carolina at 6:30 p.m., ESPN.

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