Leguizamo gets freaky; video Titanic finally sinks to No. 4


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John Leguizamo's solo onstage attempt, Freak, has been highly acclaimed by critics and can be seen Saturday on HBO under the direction of Spike Lee.

Known for his sleazy and freakish cornball impressions in the hilarious comedy The Pest, or his mad-hatter hitman in The Big Hit, the multi-talented Leguizamo can portray just about any character under the sun.

Ranging from a sex-obsessed maniac to being a nearly dead grandfather in Freak, Leguizamo provides fun and light entertainment. The myriad of characters and the brilliant written form of work earned him a Tony nomination, and maybe the Oscars will take a look next year.

Pre-Halloween fright fest

Kenneth Branagh has a thing for classicals, though this time he will only be hosting. Turner Classic Movies is presenting a vast look at horror films, showing Hollywood behind the scenes of notable cult classics.

Universal Horror is the name of the show, and it will be airing Friday night, so check your local listings. Scenes from Frankenstein, Dracula and The Wolfman will mainly be the ones Branagh will narrate.

This should be interesting.

Titanic finally sinks

Lots of rain is expected this weekend, so go rent a movie. This time around, though, the celestial drama City of Angels with Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan rules the charts, kicking the disaster boat flick all the way down to the No. 4 spot (everyone seems to own one, so why rent?).

Bruce Willis's flop Mercury Rising comes in second, while the hugely disappointing, explicit flick Wild Things crawls right behind at No. 3.

No Change on TV

Hospital drama ER came in first place once again last week in the TV ratings, followed by poppy seed-happy Friends and Frasier.

Then comes Christina Applegate's new sitcom Jesse, which NBC has been crossing their fingers for good ratings and has to be satisfied. It's no wonder why it's done well, the show's sandwiched between Friends and Frasier.

Worst pix ever

I praise movies, and I also like to bash the ones that shouldn't be on the market. For this week, the loser award goes to indie teeny-bop, SubUrbia.

Starring Saving Private Ryan's Giovanni Ribisi and Parker Posey (The House of Yes), this flick is one film in which it's OK to go to the bathroom and miss a scene - or rather, the whole movie.

Directed by Richard Linklater, who brought us Dazed and Confused, the film focuses on teenage kids who hang out at a gas station and walk around. Then they walk around some more, talk and walk around some more.

Trying too much to bring back the image of his Dazed and Confused days, this one is a snore.

Video of the Week

I Love You, I Love You Not snatches the spotlight this week. Starring Claire Danes, Gena Rowlands and Jude Law, the short indie floralistic and somewhat disturbing movie is a softer look at the haunt of the Holocaust.

This is not a film in which you learn the history of World War II and see disturbing pictures. Instead, you see Danes (Romeo and Juliet) as a shy girl who is obsessed with her grandmother's Holocaust story while falling in love.

Seen as an outcast, Danes portrays Daisy passionately, and the cinematography itself in this movie is relaxing.

Also appearing Robert Sean Leonard (In the Gloaming), who is never a disappointment in any movie, I Love You, I Love You Not should be

given a try.

Just don't expect too much drama.

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