Permanent Midnight

By Rattaya Nimibutr

Daily Cougar Staff

With a list of artists like The Chemical Brothers, Gomez, Girls Against Boys, Morcheeba, and many other big names, Permanent Midnight has to be a good soundtrack.

Though it sounds very pop culture-esque, it contains much of the industrial-type music that so many have grown to love.

So you begin to dance, you begin to think you're at a rave, but then after all that pulsing and yakking, all you need is two Tylenols.

Don't get me wrong - it's a worthy soundtrack with riffs of techno and whatever that falls into the dance category. Prodigy deals its hand with "Smack My Bitch Up" while Art Alexakis (the dude from Everclear) rings up a solo with "Overwhelming."

Then there are two versions of the movie theme that sound the same.

All in all, the soundtrack is a collection that makes you socially hyper.

But then, a person can only take in so much techno ...

Tin Cans And Car Tires

Cougar Entertainment Staff

Moe sounds like every rock band clone that seems to be sprouting up everywhere.

"Plane Crash" plays like a bad version of any song that ever existed, and runs in excess of 8 minutes.

Then there's one tune after the other that seems annoyingly continuous.

Despite its attempt at a decent album, Moe doesn't

cut it.

There's "Spaz Medicine," which they all need to take to accompany that song, and "Again & Again," which should be their slogan to, well - try again and again.

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