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Tuesday, October 20, 1998
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 41


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Leisure Center provides blast to the past 

By Raul Vasquez
Daily Cougar Staff

  A group of UH students went back in time this Saturday at the Texas Renaissance Festival in a trip  sponsored by the Leisure Center. Providing tickets at a reduced price, the Leisure Center allowed students the opportunity to learn first hand about a specific period in history.

Courtesy photo

Some UH students went back in time Saturday at the Texas Renaissance Festival. The students were able to attend the festival through cut-rate tickets available at the UH Leisure Center.

 The festival, which began in 1974, is scheduled for seven weekends in October and November. Set on 50 acres of land, the festival is designed to resemble a market village with authentic sounds, sights and smells of a small renaissance market.

 Beth Kungel, a freshman biology and theater major, enjoyed her first visit to the Renaissance Festival.

  "Iim used to a lot of festivals in Louisiana, but this was pretty neat," Kungel said. "I mean the actors and performers were really interactive with the people."

 The performers, dressed in authentic Renaissance costumes, entertained audiences in one of the 18 stages or by the venders selling many souvenirs.

 Wandering minstrels and comical jugglers entertained crowds, as the live demonstrations of Renaissance life.

 "The jousting was very interesting, with good horsemanship, well made costumes, and the dialogue and acting were great," freshman chemical engineering major Obi Anyigbo said. 

 Students found that the Renaissance Festival was a great way to learn about another culture. 

 "It was as though we left all of America behind," said Anyigbo.

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