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Tuesday, October 20, 1998
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 41

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MxPx puts on blazing hot, exhausting show at Fitzgerald's; Ghoti Hook impresses, but Home Grown disappointing 


By Rattaya Nimibutr
Daily Cougar Staff 

The lineup Friday night at Fitzgerald's consisted of bands Ghoti Hook, Home Grown and finally MxPx. Needless to say, this was going to be one hype show, especially with strong openers like Ghoti Hook and Home Grown. 

Quartet Home Grown (from left, John E. Trash, Ian Cone, Bob Herco and Adam Lohrbach) turned out to be the one disappointment in an otherwise powerful and energized night of music Friday at Fitzgerald's.

Alison Dyer/Outpost

 Then of course thereis MxPx, a band for which any pop/punk rockers will give their thumbs up.

 With already four full-length albums in hand, the latest being Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo, more than half a dozen music videos, a hit alt-rock single and a largely successful tour, MxPx should now be worn out.

 Well, hardly. 

 Itis a wonder what three just-able-to-drink-legally guys can do. They sound much like a heavier, more intense form of Green Day, and have proven that they can rock better than most mainstream bands out there.

 With their laid-back look and tattoo-covered arms, the trio of MxPx gave a solid performance that had its own threateningly well-done overall effect. It was a whirlwind of metallic riffs, nonstop energy and inevitably likeable broad tunes.

 The show was exhausting, the place was driven by endless heatwaves, and everyone had the intention to knock down everyone else in the mosh pit. 

 Despite all of that, MxPx made up for it all they could, and offered even more craved tic tacs throughout the show.

 The quirkiness of their poppy-punk sounds spawned an infectious vibe, marking the show as creatively satisfactory for those who attended. And for those who didnit, the next time these punksters come to town, look for one hell of a show.

 Then there's Home Grown, the disappointing quartet that admirably covered the intensely hyped Barbie Girl from the pop group Aqua, and turned the 45-minute set into one giant playground, playing cuts from their album, Act Your Age. 

 The sound system must have been affected by the heat, because Home Grown sounded so much better before. So maybe it was just that they were sandwiched between the greatly energized Ghoti Hook and much anticipated MxPx, that the boys played mediocre tunes and overall had a regrettably forgettable performance. 

 Over on the other side of a preferable playset was show- opener Ghoti Hook, in which the sudden drive of pop/punk/rock ignited the whole scene and delightfully continued  throughout. 

 With their newest release titled, Songs We Didnit Write, an album filled with, well, covered songs they didnit write, Ghoti Hook was nothing but an exceptional band that should not be overlooked. 

 So with that, MxPx and the rest of the boys had a show that was filled with an overall energized pack of upbeat, full- blast tunes, a burst of solid pop/punk offers and despite the heat, a show that had the crazed fans craving more. 

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