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Tuesday, October 20, 1998
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 41

Fitzgerald's Friday

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Thankfully, show doesn't sound like 'garbage'


By Rattaya Nimibutr
Daily Cougar Staff

   The band that gave an odd but highly-successful first impression with the hit single "Stupid Girl" is probably a household name to many of you who have eyes and ears on the music scene.

 Pop/rock group Garbage, with the release of its second album, Version 2.0 and quick stop at the Aerial Theater Saturday night, fulfilled itsraw music image quite admirably with a strong and brilliant performance.

 Standing centerstage was the bandis lead singer, the pop culture-esque Shirley Manson, whose demanding presence was something out of a really saucy witch flick. With her bright red hair and dark eyes, it explains why only she could provide the now-famous sound Garbage contains.

 Despite the small variation of pop/rock tunes Garbage tends to offer, the overall show itself was an exceptionally-warped concert with an infectious crawl throughout the show.

 Manson did not wait to ring up the hit single "Paranoid," after which  she confessed to an anti-dress-up fetish and slipped into a pair of tennis shoes instead. Then with her hair pulled back and a few on-the-road stories, the show was on its way to a pure, intense pop/rock atmosphere.

 Manson then had a slight boxing match while starting the bandis most remembered single, "Stupid Girl," which she performed with an undeniable burst of reckless energy. The whole band knew exactly what people wanted for a live show.

 Then there's "Push It," the hugely popular tune that spawned the video that was nominated for the MTV Video Music Awards, that really had the crowd on their wild side. Switching back and forth between hits from their first and second albums, Garbage racked up the theater with pure and solid poppy tunes.

 They followed with, "Only Happy When It Rains," and the melodious "Supernatural," the song that the band recently recorded soon to be released in the U.K., and which Manson asked the crowd to get hyped up for.

 And that's the way Manson controls the crowd with her hands. She was demanding and strikingly particular, but you couldnit help but like her bitchy ways. Garbage didn't have time for all that goody-goody soft industrial performance stuff.

 Maybe this shouldn't be said, but Garbage paralleled ska/punk guilty pleasure band No Doubt with their effective airplays and the reputation of putting on good shows. But no doubt about it, Manson can defnitely kick Gwen Stefani's ass.

 To warm up for Garbage was New York City's quartet Girls Against Boys, whose exceptionally careless set of pop/rock quirks was slammin'.

 With the release of Freak*on*ica, they featured the entire array of upbeat rhythms and a dive into a pool of some of the best pop tunes right now. Many will try to emulate them in the future, that's a guarantee.

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