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Friday, October 23, 1998
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 44



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Honesty, experience equal success in job hunt

By Sonal Patel
Daily Cougar Staff 

Tori Brown-Clark, president of Competitive Edge Enterprises Inc. and daughter of Mayor Lee Brown, spoke Thursday at a seminar in the University Center to inform students about the proper skills needed for a successful job interview.

Pi Sigma Epsilon, a business fraternity in sales and management, and H-E-B Pantry Foods sponsored the event. 

"We have been effective since 1971, and we basically give students the opportunity to sell themselves," said Demetrio Morales, president of Pi Sigma Epsilon.

"We offer students things to promote themselves and contribute to the spirit of UH," he said. "A seminar like this one was incredibly informative, and it brought recognition to us (and) the University and (pointed out) the importance of professionalism when you are trying to get a job." 

Stressing the importance of being positive, honest and prepared, Brown-Clark said, "Just tell them what they need to know, but tell it to them well. Everything that they want to know comes from your everyday experience."

Houston Mayor Lee Brown speaks during a presentation by his daughter, Tori Brown-Clark, Thursday at UH.

Mason Rankin/The Daily Cougar

When speaking about your past experience, Brown-Clark recommended that even though it may not directly apply to the job you are interviewing for you should still mention it because the experience of hard work and initiative can apply to any type of job.

She also suggested to emphasizing the interview with transferable skills gained in college -- for example, skills in technology, time management, budgeting, dealing with diverse people and meeting deadlines.

Revealing how personal faults can work to your advantage, Brown-Clark said, "You can turn some of the qualities that you aren't really proud of and make them work you.

"For example," she said, grinning and turning toward her father, "some people refer to me as being a workaholic. But that's a good thing."

Mayor Brown, who made a brief appearance at the seminar, commended the university and Pi Sigma Epsilon for the seminar.

"Professionalism is one of the most important things you need to have while you're getting a job," Mayor Brown said. "This seminar is a real contribution to the city, and a good opportunity that you should all take."

H-E-B Pantry Foods, who has sponsored seminars at TSU and other universities, contributes at least 60 percent of its program's budget to seminars at universities.

"We like to think that what we put into the community is what we'll get back," H-E-B human resources manager Trinita Gordon said.

"We always got a great response from UH, and this is why we're here," she said.

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