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Friday, October 23, 1998
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 44


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MVP volunteers make a difference

By Raul Vasquez
Daily Cougar Staff 

Every Friday, Clubhouse will highlight a campus organization to increase awareness of the variety of clubs available to students.

If you think your organization is interesting and deserves to appear in Clubhouse, then send your club's name and a brief description to

This week's club of the week is the Metropolitan Volunteer Program. Known as "volunteer headquarters," MVP consists of members who volunteer around the Houston metropolitan area and the UH campus.

In keeping with its motto, MVP strives to give power to the campus and community by "nourishing the spirit of volunteerism, enhancing educational experiences, affirming human dignity, advocating equality of opportunity and striving for social justice."

There are many different areas in the community that MVP attempts to reach with its volunteers. For example, volunteers help in shelters, museums and nursing homes.

"We are kind of a networking system on campus for organizations out of campus," said Gina Rodriguez, MVP director.

In addition, MVP also works with organizations on campus such as the Student Program Board, the Council of Ethnic Organizations and the Residence Halls Association.

"We are a community events helper/finder for all," Rodriguez said.

MVP also sponsors many programs on campus. Some of the more well-known programs include Best Buddies, a program pairing students with mentally retarded individuals, and Loaves and Fishes, a program that places students to help in homeless shelters.

While MVP was founded by a UH student in the mid-1980s, the organization did not become well-known until a few years ago. Now MVP has 20 committed students successfully recruiting volunteers.

For more information about MVP and how to get involved, stop by Room 53, University Center Underground, or call (713) 743-5200.

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