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Friday, October 23, 1998
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 44

Richard Rodriguez on Race and Culture

Safe Sex

Mayor Brown Speaks on Jobs


Campus Spotlight

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Blaffer Profile

Moeller on Apathy

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Cougar Football

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Today's Top Story

Noted Hispanic writer Richard Rodriguez shared his views on culture, race and society Tuesday at UH during a special public lecture, "Eating Burritos: A Conversation with Richard Rodriguez."

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On Campus Today . . .

Tori Brown-Clark, president of Competitive Edge Enterprises Inc. and daughter of Mayor Lee Brown, spoke Thursday at a seminar in the University Center to inform students about the proper skills needed for a successful job interview.

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In Opinion Today . . .

Maybe I didn't realize how UH was such a commuter school where the majority of students go to class, then work, then go to another job and barely make ends meet. These students have no free time to spare for noble efforts like rallies and demonstrations and picket lines and, well, maybe the world is perfect now. Maybe now there is no need to stand up for your rights.

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In Entertainment Today . . .

There's this great little network out there that makes variety television worth its air time. It's called E! Entertainment Television, and it's one of the greatest gifts to TV ever created.

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In Sports Today . . .

After a well-timed and much-needed bye week, the Houston Cougars (1-5) will play their final nonconference opponent of the season Saturday in Denton.

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This Week's Feature

"What is art? Are we art? Or is art, art?" Laugh all you want, but these profound philosophical questions were posed by an important art critic of the late '80s and early '90s.

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March for justice

Mason Rankin/
The Daily Cougar
Citizens gather Thursday in Market Squre downtown to protest the verdict given to the Houston Police Department officiers who alledgedly shot Pedro Oregon. Travis Morales (center), a local activist, was on of many speakers who addressed the crowd before it marched through downtown to HPD headquarters.


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