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Friday, October 23, 1998
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 44

Moeller on Apathy

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Staff Editorial


John Harp                Lisa M. Chmiola 
Michelle Norton     Jim Parsons 

In the United States, we pride ourselves on believing in the principle of being innocent until proven guilty. It applies to many different walks of life -- including the Students' Association Senate.

Last Thursday, our Staff Editorial dealt with the Senate's cancellation of its Oct. 14 meeting due to the illness of Speaker of the Senate Jose Soto. We urged the Senate to take precautionary measures so that situation didn't repeat itself, and said we hoped senators would be able to find the time to re-schedule the meeting.

And they did. Wednesday, the Senate held a special meeting which allowed for the passing of its 1998-99 operating budget and introduced legislation calling for a University holiday celebrating Frontier Fiesta, something that could affect us all.

The Cougar is proud to commend the SA Senate for its timely re-scheduling and also for the fact that the new administration really seems to be trying to get things done. For example, in a previous meeting President Monica Quintero called for legislation that would require students to be notified if their Cougar OneCard accounts are going to be closed.

That legislation stemmed from an experience Quintero had in which her account was closed without her knowledge, leaving her unable to buy lunch. Hers is surely not an isolated case, and legislation that involves something everyone has to deal with -- like OneCards -- could help us all.

What is more, the Senate this semester seems to be taking steps to help itself become more efficient and effective in its operation. For instance, Soto has proposed an amendment to the SA Constitution and Code that would provide a procedure for removing senators-elect who have not attended any meetings, enabling the Senate to rid itself of dead weight.

Bravo to the Senate for taking an active approach to doing its job -- being the students' liaison to administrators. Whether or not one agrees with what senators are doing, one can't accuse them of doing nothing.

Of course, this is where we can do our part as members of the student population. We have to let our senators know what we're thinking. Whether that involves attending the next Senate meeting (scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 28, in the University Center Bluebonnet Room), stopping by our colleges' Town Hall meetings, writing letters or simply stopping by the SA offices, the important thing is to have some sort of interaction.

With doubts about the canceled meeting no longer valid, we students should take the opportunity to make the most of a Senate that appears willing to hear our concerns. After all, students who never bother to work with their elected representatives can't complain if the representatives don't meet their expectations.


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