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Friday, October 30, 1998
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 49

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Effort and determination paying off for UH football's Malone

Cougar Football

By Mark Mayorga
Daily Cougar Staff

With every passing calendar year, college athletes strive to improve themselves by putting in long hours of working out on their skills that could one day lead them to the light at the end of the tunnel. For today's college football athlete, that light is the opportunity to suit up and play in the NFL.

Coming up with big plays and tackling whoever comes within his grasp has been the trademarks that one day could lead UH's Micah Malone to the NFL.

"Micah Malone is a pro football player waiting to graduate from college," head coach Kim Helton said. "I know there are few men in college football today that can outrun and outplay him."

UH linebacker Micah Malone didn't get interested in football until halfway through high school, but now he's one of the Cougars' top players.

Cougar file photo

Football may have not been the first thing on Malone's list early in his life, but with the help of some of his friends, it has grown into one of his passions.

"I started in the seventh grade -- that was just because my friends has gotten into it," he said. "It wasn't until I was in my second year in high school that I started getting into it."

Malone may have not have begun to love football until his second year in high school, but as a senior he impressed all of those who watched him as he led his team with 112 tackles and added six sacks along the way. His play earned him recognition statewide: He was named honorable mention Class 5A all-state and garnered the attention of Cougar recruits.

As a true freshman in 1996, Malone showed everyone his versatility starting as a member of the Cougar special teams. His quickness and agility, coupled with his knack to make the right decisions at the right time, didn't go unnoticed amongst his teammates. Malone was named Special Teams MVP.

His efforts on and off the field lifted him into the position of starting 10 of 11 games in 1997 at linebacker. A chance at starting was all that he needed, as he picked up where he left off by making the same type of impact on defense as he did a year before on special teams.

Entering into this season, Malone was penciled in at outside linebacker, but as the season progressed he moved to the inside.

Due in part to the fact that he has been injured throughout the season, Malone's opportunities to show off his impact have been limited. However, when Malone is on the field and healthy, he's able to display pro-quality skills.

"I was out for over a month sitting on the sideline wearing a collar shirt, sitting there thinking what I would do if I was out on the field," he said.

As Malone enters this weekend's match-up with ECU, his 6-2 frame is ready to wreak havoc on the opposing offensive attack. He, along with the rest of the defense, is prepared for a monster mash on Halloween.

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