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Monday, November 2, 1998
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 50

Staff Editorial

About the Cougar

'Why UH?' and other digressions

Ed De La Garza

One comes to this university for a variety of reasons. Some don't want to have to break their familial ties and UH affords them the opportunity of receiving a college education without straying too far from the nest.

Some work, and since this is a commuter school, coming here gives them the opportunity to schedule classes around the work week.

And some are just using this as a stepping stone before they transfer to a more traditional university such as Texas or A&M.

All of these reasons lead to the lack of school spirit and perceived sense of apathy among this community. Now, I don't give a rat's ass about school spirit. School spirit sounds like mandatory high school pep rallies at which badly choreographed cheerleaders hold out spirit sticks as "prizes" for the loudest class. Gee, that hunk of wood is pretty neat. Sure, I'll give myself a sore throat for it. Apathy, however, is something else.

People who throw that word around this school don't know what they're talking about. They haven't made up their minds as to where they stand or what they believe in yet and they want to be led to the big-issue feeding trough without ever having to have an opinion. But I digress.

As a senior, I find myself reflecting on why I came here in the first place, where I am now (as opposed to the fish who went to his first class six years ago) and what happens after graduation next May.

I came here because I'm a homer by nature who loves everything about this city. I didn't give submitting an application here a second thought. Despite what some may tell you, this is an excellent school. It's the bureaucracy that stinks.

What the hell am I going to do after being handed my diploma? An English degree is going to lead to what? A teaching job? Not bloody likely. A concentration on creative writing tells me what? That I know how to write creatively? Like I didn't know that before?

But again, I digress.

As a writer for this paper, I know I can fill space, but what else? My wrestling column, as opposed to B.S. writing (what you're reading now), actually requires work. Being an anti-journalist, I'm just a bit surprised that I'm having to don a journalist's cap. I'm surprised because I like it. But again, I digress.

Any idiot can write a column. I'm a walking example of that. Not everybody can write well enough to stick around and be remembered. That's something I've struggled with ever since landing this gig. It isn't enough for me just to fill space. I have to meet my level of expectation, or otherwise there's no point to this.

The same goes for perry, the great and the editorial cartoons. In my mind, I'm the best cartoonist this paper's ever had. Now, that's not true, but I have to believe it in order to maintain some degree of consistency. I spend countless hours on the strip until I'm satisfied.

That's why I'm on a self-imposed hiatus this week. My mind's too cluttered by other things, and I can't give it the attention it needs. There I go digressing again.

What the hell was I saying? Something about why people come here, being a senior, apathy and graduation. So how in the world did I get to perry, the great and why am I not writing about something important like the election tomorrow, or Homecoming?

Oh, that's right. I'm just using this to fill space until next week. This is supposed to suck.

What happens next week, you ask? An interview with UFO lobbyist Steven Bassett. Now aren't you glad you wasted your time reading this?

De La Garza, a senior English major, 
can be reached at

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