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Monday, November 2, 1998
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 50

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Jovi 'bonds' again, returns for more; The Waterboy arrives

Gettini Jiggy with Jake

Jake McKim

Attention all '80s rock music fans: Get out your perm kits, your jumbo bottles of Aqua-Net and your holy, acid-washed jeans. 

Those Slippery when Wet stars who played a major part in shaping the music scene in the '80s are coming back to an arena near you. 

Yes, apparently Bon Jovi is mulling over a return to the glare of the spotlight, the roar of the frenzied crowd and the plentiful supply of cheap sex from the boozed-up groupies. 

The band has not shared a stage for more than 14 months, but Saturday, they got back together for a concert promoting the 25th birthday of a Miami, Fla., radio station. Apparently, the guys got such a kick out of performing live (for the rewards mentioned above) that they are planning to tour and even record again. 

Spokespeople for the band confirmed fans can look forward to hearing more from the boys in Bon Jovi soon, but did not divulge specifics. Prior to the Miami concert, the group had not performed together since a 1997 benefit for Bruce Springsteen's Camp Basie charity in New Jersey.

In record stores Tuesday ...

A more tame, vocally concentrated album from multi-platinum, Grammy-winning artist Alanis Morissette hits the streets Tuesday.

Alanis Morissette returns more tame with her new CD, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie on Tuesday.

Michele Laurita/Maverick Records

Wxecutives from Morissette's record label, Maverick Records, are expecting big success for Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, the aggressive rocker's follow-up to the 1995 smash hit Jagged Little Pill.

Also scheduled to drop this week is a wide array of CDs that should do well on the charts.

The soundtrack to the new movie Rugrats, featuring artists such as Mya, Blackstreet and Mase, among many others, drops along with new joints from hip-hop/rock artist Beck (Mutations), Reggae rapper Beenie Man (Rough and Tough), classic rockers The Rolling Stones (No Security), female R&B trio Total (The New Total Rock) and Celine Dion (These are Special Times -- The Christmas Album).

In addition, two live CDs will arrive in stores, one from the teeny-bopping, hair band Hanson (Live from Albertane) and one from the beat-thumping, hip-hop/rock band 311, simply called Live.

I didn't forget about you country music fans either. Billy Ray Cyrus, who broke women's hearts achey-breaky style back in the day, releases Shot Full of Love, and Rick Trevino drops his new set, Changing in Your Eyes.

On the charts ...

Monica comes in "first" once again on the Billboard Singles Charts with her smash single, "The First Night," followed closely by "One Week" from Barenaked Ladies, "How Deep is Your Love" from Dru Hill, "Lately" from Divine and "Because of You" from 98 Degrees.

On the Albums Charts for this week, Jay-Z holds the top spot with his highly touted collection of tracks, Vol. 2 ... Hard Knock Life.

Lauryn Hill lands in the No. 2 spot with The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Shania Twain's Come on Over rests at No. 3, 'N Sync's self-titled debut follows at No. 4 and the soundtrack to the movie Rush Hour rounds out the top five.

At the movies ...

Premiering in movie theaters across the country this weekend are two flicks that are sure to do well at the box office.

First is The Waterboy, starring the often-times hilarious Adam Sandler as a waterboy for a college football team who ends up being the big man on campus after his football skills are discovered by the coach, and the action/thriller The Siege starring Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis and Annette Benning, in yet another movie about terrorists taking over the world, etc., etc.

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