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Wednesday, November 4, 1998
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 52

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Today's Top Stories

In an overwhelming victory over Democratic challenger Garry Mauro, incumbent Texas Gov. George W. Bush was voted into a second consecutive four-year term in Tuesday's elections.

Local Election Results

With so many seats up for grabs in this election -- 34 in the U.S. Senate, all 435 in the House of Representatives and the governorships of 36 states -- both Democrats and Republicans found themselves scrambling to see which party could steal potentially valuable positions from the other and upset the balance of power.

National Election Results

In Opinion Today . . .

Does anyone else remember a woman by the name of Shannon Faulkner who sued the Citadel because she wasn't admitted? The key argument provided by the political left was that if a woman can cut it in the rigorous military school, she should not be denied admittance.

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In Entertainment Today . . .

The summer flop of gigantic proportions, Godzilla, is heading into video stores, and believe me, if you were disappointed with the second installment of Jurassic Park, you won't enjoy this flick either. Kids will definitely dig it, but I recommend sticking with Deep Impact.

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In Sports Today . . .

If the Houston Cougars win their remaining three games, they have an opportunity to win the conference and go to a bowl game. Before the season begins, such is the goal of any team. But if UH accomplishes this goal, credit deservedly should go to the players on the field. 

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This Week's Feature

Social work as a profession is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and the Graduate School of Social Work at UH is celebrating 30 years of serving the community.

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Study circle

Mason Rankin/
The Daily Cougar

A group of students take advantage of Tuesday's pleasant weather to study in the Quadrangle courtyard. The fall temperatures are expected to hold through Wednesday.

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