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Wednesday, November 4, 1998
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 52

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Raw definitely worth the price of admission 

The Wrestling Report

Ed De La Garza

I missed all of Raw because I was in line trying to buy a hot dog. No, wait -- that's something Ken Hoffman would have done.

There is nothing like seeing Raw live. About the only disappointing thing about Raw in Houston was that Steve Austin didn't get to talk all that much. He did, however, leave his almost-hometown fans happy. The Victoria native closed the show long after the television taping ended.

After an Undertaker/Kane/Austin confrontation inside the steel cage that was set on fire, the USA show ran out of time, but it didn't end there. After Kane and 'Taker left the ring, Austin went over to Vince, who was sitting ringside in his wheelchair, and pulled him into the cage, stunning him twice.

After his exit, the Rattlesnake came back for an encore and stole the wheelchair, riding up the ramp with it and then dumping it over the top deck. Proving that he's not really hurt, Vince climbed the cage, yelling at Austin to bring him back his chair. Now, as anyone knows, if it wasn't shown on TV, it didn't really happen.

On to business. There are only six of these left, so keep sending me your Ultimate PPV ideas and votes. The card is as follows: Venis/Edge vs. Booker T./Benoit, The NAO vs. Luger/Konnan, McMahon vs. Bischoff, Kane vs. DDP, Mick Foley vs. Raven, Shamrock vs. Sting, 'Taker vs. Hogan, Jarrett vs. Flair, HBK vs. The Hitman, The Rock vs. Jericho, HHH/X-Pac vs. Hall/Nash and Austin vs. Goldberg, in that order. The results run Dec. 9 and voting ends Sunday, Dec. 6.

This week's angles are: Bret Hart is on Nitro, still trying to get over in WCW with an interview. Shawn Michaels is seen at the stage entrance. He starts calling Bret out, asking him how it feels to be the highest paid mid-carder in wrestling history. He then says, "Bret didn't screw Bret. Vince didn't screw Bret. Shawn Michaels screwed Bret." Hart then runs after the Boy Toy.

McMahon comes out on Raw and says what's been going on has to stop. He will not allow his wrestlers to help WCW get higher ratings. Eric Bischoff starts walking down, but he can't get his microphone to work. Steve Austin runs out and starts beating on him. Vince runs down to Austin and tells him to keep doing it, but then he gets stunned.

News and notes

If you watched the NBC special on wrestling Sunday, you probably figured out that Harley Race was one of the shadowed traitors. At least one of the exposed secrets was a lie. You make your own signs. Whether you're allowed to keep them depends on if you've used profanity. WCW does take signs away if they're promoting the WWF. If you're given a sign, use a magic marker and write your own message on the blank side.

Nitro: WCW got a huge boost with the return of Booker T. He challenged Scott Hall to a match, saying, "I'm gonna kick ya where the good lord split ya." He needs to be in the Wolfpac, especially now that Sting is out until early '99 due to personal problems (not because of Hart).

The best match (if you had to ask) was Jericho vs. Kidman. These two are the future of WCW. They'd be the present if Bischoff wasn't enamored with dinosaurs.

Raw: The Survivor Series brackets were shown, and I'll let you know who's wrestling whom next week. Kane and 'Taker have a by into the second round. Shane McMahon came out first to a huge pop and then introduced Austin. Before he could get going, Vince was rolled out. He told Shane that he was being busted down to ref or possibly even ring crew. His two best lines were: "When I die, I want to go straight to hell" and telling Shane that he wasn't like him at all, but "You're a lot like your mother." This got a big "Ooh" from the crowd.

The best match was Rocky vs. Shamrock, with Vince's stipulation being that The Rock had to win the I-C belt in order to remain the No. 1 contender and remain in the World Title tourney. He won by DQ, so the title didn't change hands, prompting Vince to remove Rocky from the tournament. Don't worry, he'll be back in by the 15th.

GSWA: I don't know what's going on with these guys. Their last three shows were canceled, which doesn't bode well for their future.

Letter of the week

U.B. Marx (go ahead and assume that's a fake name) writes:

1.) Why does it hurt to jump off the top rope and miss your foe, but not to hit?


2.) RE: the people's elbow. Why does the Rock bother bouncing off the ropes for momentum if he's just going to stop before the elbow drop?

Well U.B., the People's Elbow is such a devastating move that the Rock has to pull back. Otherwise, he'd kill the other guy.

3.) If Stone Cold is really from Texas, what in the world is he doing drinking Coors?

Maybe Shiner's not available in Connecticut.

4.) Is it true Hulk Hogan's going to play Leatherface in the next Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie so they can save money on makeup?

Yes. Yes it is.

5.) Who would win between Goldberg and Chyna? I'd pick Chyna. That dude's awesome.

Chyna is a very handsome woman.

6.) Have you joined the Latino World Order yet?

I'm waiting for the shirt.

7.) I would ask that you provide your readers with an interview featuring my all-time favorite wrestler/CPA: D-Lo Brown.

Wow. Talk about a lead-in ...

I had a chance to talk to D-Lo, who was gracious enough to answer my questions last week. The 28 year-old Miami resident's been wrestling for only five years, three for the WWF. He is certified accountant, though he doesn't practice this profession because the money's better at Titan.

His idol growing up was Farooq, whom he came to know while both were in The Nation. He said he hopes the WWF finds something for Farooq, a.k.a. Ron Simmons and former WCW world champion.

When asked about the status of The Nation -- now down to only two members, including Mark Henry -- D-Lo responded by saying it would most likely remain a tag team, with the possibility of a Nation/NAO feud brewing. After giving up the European strap, he looks to replace it with tag-team gold.

As far as singles competition goes, he'd like to start a feud with Rocky, and though he hates to say it, Maivia is his pick to win the title at the Survivor Series. It's time to finally have a WWF African-American champion. D-Lo's a nice guy.

And he'll kick your ass and do your taxes.

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