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Thursday, November 5, 1998
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 53

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UH student, Sig Ep member dies Tuesday unexpectedly

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Craig Makela, a kinesiology major and member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, died unexpectedly Tuesday of what the fraternity called an "indeterminable blood infection."

Makela, 22, was active in the fraternity and worked as a coach and tutor for the Aspiring Youth Foundation, an organization designed to help underpriveleged youths.


The brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon expressed their regret at the loss of Makela in a statement Wednesday.

"Craig took great pride in keeping his family a priority in his life and didn't hesitate to express his emotions to the loved ones around him," the statement said. "(He) was a very outgoing person (who) went out of his way to ... make (others) feel comfortable and share the enjoyment he carried with him every day in his life.

"He was driven to succeed in both academics and athletics. He unconditionally offered his heart to his Sig Ep brothers in times of joy as well as need, (and) deeply toughed his friends each day by enlisting them to share in his passion for life, his need to laugh and the reverence in which he communed with others."

A memorial service for Makela will be held Saturday in Universal City, near San Antonio. For information, call Colonial Funeral Services at (210) 658-7037.

Donations to a fund in Makela's memory can be mailed to: Craig Makela Scholarship Fund, c/o David Curtis, P.O. Box 9177, Houston 77261.


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