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Thursday, November 5, 1998
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 53

Mahmoudi  on Maidenhood

Staff Editorial

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Letters To The Editor

Hofheinz hijinks

To the editor:

Someone please tell me what happened to Hofheinz Pavilion! Tell me that the college program that is supposed to be for entertainment has not succumbed to the almighty dollar!

Who put up those hideous boxes to remove not only the ambiance of the arena, but obstruct what could have been standing-room only for what promises to be the start of another winning basketball tradition?

Did Guy V. Lewis need "special privilege" boxes to fill the arena? Sorry, Clyde, but you have not yet built the legacy left by the greatest basketball coach, and you do not need the big bucks from the elite few who will surely desert you if you are not winning.

Get rid of those boxes and restore Hofheinz to its original design!

Tom Cave
College of Technology

Pat on the virtual back

To the editor:

I wish to express my appreciation of the efforts you and the staff have expended in the creation of The Daily Cougar Online.

I have to say that, while I disagree with most of the content printed in regard to political and social commentary, this publication keeps me in touch with the campus, and that is something for which I am grateful.

Louis Puente
alumnus ('93)

In defense of Castañeda*

To the editor:

As a former student of Dr. Quetzil Castañeda, I am deeply disturbed by the board's decision to deny him tenure. This professor has changed my perspectives on education and has also enhanced my outlook on reality.

Dr. Castañeda's teaching style is nontraditional, which is a crucial addition to the anthropology department. He adds depth to the traditional approach of other faculty members. He also adds another dimension to anthropology as a whole by integrating different theories and approaches, such as post-modernism and post-structuralism.

Dr. Castañeda's lectures made me think and helped me to question the styles and approaches of teaching that I had been exposed to throughout my life. What I found out is that the structuredness of a majority of learning experiences prevents one from learning, or even having the capability to learn.

His willingness to take risks is also an admirable trait this professor upholds. Subjects such as power, knowledge, race, sex and gender do come into play throughout his lectures. Some may get offended because he holds an opinion and is uninhibited when stating it, but we are all adults here. Should one be censored just because one makes an effort to break the mold that has been used to repress us all?

His availability and willingness to elaborate and discuss extensively the subject matter of class on his own time is also appreciated. This laid-back style makes me and other students feel comfortable around him, which is healthy for the whole learning experience.

His interdisciplinary approach can be used in everyday life and also applied in a majority of my other courses. Dr. Quetzil Castañeda is unique to UH in general, because professors such as he -- individuals -- are not offered at this school. 

Maybe the University isn't prepared for a professor like Dr. Quetzil Castañeda. I guess this is one lesson we all should learn: You never know what good of a thing you have until it's gone.

Chandra Tereseeta Boston
junior, anthropology

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Monday's Page 1 article "Voter apathy reaches new high in county" was listed as being written by Staff Writer Andrew Sandoval. However, News Reporter Jaclyn Lantaco also contributed to the report.

Also, in Tuesday's Election Guide, Drew Parks, the Libertarian candidate for U.S. representative from District 7, was incorrectly referred to as "Dew."

The Daily Cougar regrets these errors.


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