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Friday, November 6, 1998
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 54


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College Bowl: an exhibition of ‘useless triviai

By Raul Vasquez
Daily Cougar Staff 

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While many students were busy preparing for their Halloween celebrations, 13 teams of UH students competed for the "smartest of the smart" title in the College Bowl.

Nicknamed "the varsity sport of the mind," College Bowl is a Jeopardy!-like game, complete with buzzers and timers. The event was open to all UH students, and teams of up to four members gathered at The Honors College for the competitive event.

Questions consisted mostly of trivia.

"I realized that I don't know a lot of useless trivia. Some people were really into it, others were here just for fun, like me," said JoAnn Barbee, a sophomore math major.

The Honors College has sponsored this student-run event for the past few years. Tournament directors Lisa Lenny and John Smetka began preparing eight weeks prior.

"It ran pretty smoothly. Teams knew where they stood against the other teams and where to compete," said Jason Karim, a sophomore electrical engineering major and College Bowl competitor.

Student volunteers helped keep the event running smoothly, many of them taking time off from Saturday's trick-or-treating to help with scorekeeping, timing and moderating. 

Arsala Haneef, a sophomore University Studies student, called volunteering "a way to be part of College Bowl without actually competing in it."

This year, College Bowl had an interesting twist since it was held on Halloween.

"We decided to have it on Halloween to make it more fun. I just wished more students could have dressed up," Jodie Koszegi, a tournament adviser, said.

This year's winning team, which formed the day of the event, was called "We can remember it..." Two of the members signed up to play, and the other member was recruited on the spot.

"Overall, it was a lot of fun, and the students really enjoyed it. That is the reason we do this. It was very worthwhile," Koszegi said.

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