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Friday, November 20, 1998
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 64

Moeller on Smoking

SA Prez Addresses Students' Concerns

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Why recreation?

To the editor:

During the just-concluded Recreation 2000 campaign, many students, staff, faculty and alumni have asked why having an up to par recreation facility on campus is important, and why we have chosen to focus on it in light of other problems on campus.

First, several people have raised concerns about the state of the residence halls. The administration is well aware of the situation, and Residential Life and Housing is committed to solving the problem. However, because housing is an auxiliary, state law prohibits us from using anything other than housing money for improvements and new construction. This means only room rates and conference money earned by renting our facilities during the summer can be used for this purpose.

The next major concern is parking. Once again, the administration is working on a solution to this problem. Garages aren't exactly cheap. An average student at UT pays about $250 a year to park in garages anywhere near campus. So if you think $75 is too expensive, let's see what ya'll think about that price tag.

So we come to the issue of recreation. The University-wide Campus Intramural and Recreation Advisory Committee, which is made up of representatives from the campus as a whole (RHA, SA, Faculty Senate, Staff Council, Athletics and Intramurals, just to name a few) began work on this proposal in October 1997. We traveled to six other recreation facilities in Texas and Louisiana in order to evaluate the pros and cons of a facility on the UH campus.

So why recreation? First of all, everyone complains that this is a commuter campus, and part of that is because there is nothing to do on campus that is non-academic. Having a place to hang out builds a sense of community.

Second, ya'll have indicated that you want to see some sort of recreation improvements on this campus. Year after year, recreation is listed as one of the top three or four things needing improvement on student surveys. We are being proactive in responding to campus needs.

Third, and last, this building, if built, will help UH's academic mission. Students who are healthier and have a place to work out stress do better in the classroom, and Health and Human Performance classes will have more space to themselves.

Adam E. Miller
junior, political science
RHA representative to the Campus Intramural and Recreation Advisory Committee

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