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Renovated Satellite receives mixed reviews

Students admire modern look, but dislike register locations

Lena Atherton
The Daily Cougar 

The recent renovation of the Satellite into the Millennium 2000 Satellite Café was received Tuesday with mixed reviews by University of Houston students. 

Monica Narvaez, a sophomore RTV major, described the café as "more modern and more organized." 

"Before I would never eat here because it looked so plain," she said, "but now it draws more attention to itself."

Sophomore electrical engineering major Jason Karim said, "The café looks better. It looks like a mall food court."

The Millennium 2000 Satellite Café, which now features food from places such as Steak Escape and a Ritazza Coffee Station, has not only changed the selection of food, but also the way students pay for it.

Max Lacayo/The Daily Cougar

Students stood innline for several minutes Tuesday at the newsly renovated Satellite to purchase their food. The lack of proper sign placement confused many students as to where they were supposed to pay.

Cash registers have been placed at each food station allowing students to get their food and pay in the same line. Before, students had to pay for their food at cash registers at the front of the café.

Nick Iula, director of Cougar Dining Services, said the registers were placed at the individual stations because studies show that is faster.

However, some students still prefer the old method of paying for food all at once.

"You can't just get a drink at one place and get food from another. You have to stand in two lines," said Jason Hildebrand, a sophomore physics major.

In response to the concerns that students have raised, Iula said that having registers at points of service may not be quicker for everyone, but on average it is quicker for most people.

Other problems students faced when visiting the newly renovated cafe was not knowing what food was available and where to go to pay for it.

Iula said that these problems will be fixed once the new equipment and signs arrive.

"(We are) still waiting for some signs and equipment, but we thought it would be better to open the café up right away rather than waiting any longer," he said.

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