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Photography gift equips art department

By Audrey Warren
Daily Cougar Staff

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words -- but how about $100,000? 

Last December, The Art Institute of Houston donated $100,000 in photography equipment to the UH Department of Art and photography program.

The program was chosen to receive the donation over other schools because of the potential the institute showed. 

"UH has a good photography department," said Paul Bau, the Art Institute of Houstonās dean of education. "We knew it was extending and would need new acquisitions."

Courtesy of the College of Humanities, Fine Arts and Communication

(From left) Art Institute Presidaent Steve Gregg, UH HFAC Dean Lois Zamora, UH Assistant Art Professor William Thomas and Art Institute Dean of Education Paul Bau stand with some of the photography equipment donated last December by the Art Institute of Houston.

The donation consisted of cameras, camera lenses, tripods, darkroom equipment, sinks, enlargers and other photography supplies. 

"The equipment is in very good condition, and we want it to be used to help students who have a passion for photography," Bau said.

The Art Institute does not often make donations, according to Bau, and has made only two major donations in the past year. Apart from the donation to UH, used computers were also retired to area elementary schools. 

The Art Institute must maintain the "industry standard" Bau said, and in order to make room for the latest technology the older computers are donated to be used in elementary schools.

The equipment donated to UH will help enhance the photography program and expand the educational opportunities for students and staff.

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