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To the editor:

I was incensed by Mr. Byron Golden's letter, "Stop the Rec," which appeared in the Friday, Jan. 22, issue of The Daily Cougar. 

Let me see if you get it, Mr. Golden. We, the student body of this university, had the opportunity to vote on the rec center referendum. Some of us did take advantage of that -- we voted. The referendum passed fairly and squarely. If you disagreed with that referendum, you had plenty of opportunities to express yourself.

My advice to you is not to waste your time, and especially ours. We live in a democracy where the voting majority (the key word here is "voting") rules. There are elections that are decided by less than one percent of the total vote, and you never see the losing side try to overturn them.

Don't be a sore loser. Respect the voting majority's will.

To me, this is an issue that transcends money. It is about doing the right thing and the best thing for improving the quality of student life at UH.

I have to add that I am tired of some of the recurring excuses that I hear once in a while, especially the ones pertaining to the lack of time for working or married students to use such a facility. My answer to this is not very complicated: If you want to use it, you will find the time.

The facility will be open for long hours (maybe even 24 hours a day). For the married students with children, there will be a child-care facility for free.

Regarding the rising costs of tuition, I challenge you to compare UH tuition levels to other universities. It is a fact that tuition will continue to rise every year. The reason for this is that the state of Texas is spending less and less on higher education (in 1985, Texas spent more money per student than it did last year).

My advice to you is to write your state representative or senator and urge him or her to increase the state's funding for higher education.

Ben Youssef
graduate student, electrical and computer engineering

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Monday's Page 1 article "Voter apathy reaches new high in county" was listed as being written by Staff Writer Andrew Sandoval. However, News Reporter Jaclyn Lantaco also contributed to the report.

Also, in Tuesday's Election Guide, Drew Parks, the Libertarian candidate for U.S. representative from District 7, was incorrectly referred to as "Dew."

The Daily Cougar regrets these errors.


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