Wednesday, January 27, 1999
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 80

Texas Leg Votes on Rec 2000

Undergrad Council OKs Asina-American Studies Minor

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Movie Review: She's All That

Theatre Review: Into the Woods

Semisonic Booms into Numbers Tonight

Flying Sans Wings

Moeller on H2O

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The drama of Coaching Changes

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In News Today . . .

After passing a student referendum vote in November, the Recreation 2000 fitness center is now faced with its next hurdle -- obtaining fee approval by the Texas Legislature.

In Opinion Today . . .

Why am I being so feeble, pretentious and damn pesky? What's with all these worries, man? It's a free world, baby. The air smells wonderful, and we are all alive. What's there to fight about?

In Entertainment Today . . .

In the spirit of the new generation of movies aimed at teenage audiences (Clueless, Can't Hardly Wait and Varsity Blues), Miramax Films presents the new Robert Iscove romantic comedy, She's All That.

In Sports Today . . .

Point guard Gee Gervin is now one of the stars for the Cougar team, but he was almost not to be. Coming out of San Jacinto Junior College, he was recruited heavily by the same team the Cougars will play Saturday.

Larger than life

Alex Montgomery/The Daily Cougar

Norfolk Elementary students look up at The Southwest Pietá, on dislplay at the Blaffer Gallery, by Mexican-American artist Luis Jiménez while theirr teacher interprets the meaning of the piece.

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