Friday, January 29, 1999
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Shutting the door on impeachment

Amanda Mahmoudi

Imagine that you have an incredibly painful migraine that just won't go away. No matter what you do or how hard you try, there is no remedy and no relief.

That is exactly what I have been experiencing for more than a year. Although the sharp pain behind my left eye never ceases, I manage to make light of the impetuous situation, coining it the "Republicans-are-really-petty" migraine.

Despite my sometimes fruitless attempts at humor, my suffering continues and increases daily.


The answer is simple. I am tired. Endless investigation, mindless arguing and irresponsible finger-pointing (all courtesy of a certain political machine compiled only of greedy, self-serving hypocrites) have left me not only with a horrible taste in my mouth, but a rather serious fear as well.

I don't know how the government of this country can survive without attacking and harrassing its leader, the president.

Think about it. After eight years of almost nonstop activity, what else has it done?

Perhaps some members of Congress are freaking out as we approach the bridge to the 21st century. Perhaps they fear sudden anarchy -- finally, a viable explanation for the government shutdown. It was mere preparation.

I cannot help but make cynical remarks about a government that was initially created both for the people and by the people. Unfortunately, they seem to have forgotten that. The members of Congress work for us. We elect them. We pay them. Somehow they have managed to distort reality, and we let them.

Now they are completely out of control, forgetting how they rose to such power and presently laughable prestige in the first place: because of us.

First, there's the ridiculous notion of impeachment (for those of you who don't keep up with current events because it hurts your brain to watch anything but Pop-Up Video or Loveline, it did indeed become a harsh reality).

Then, the entire American public (if not the entire world) is forced to endure hours of redundant arguments in the Senate.

Of course, all of this was completely unwarranted. If anyone in a position of power truly cared what the American constituency truly wanted, CNN and ABC polls would actually shed some light on the situation.

Who ever thought it could get this far? I certainly did not. Did I think that it could go any further? I certainly did not think that either.

Alas, my friends, it did.

Congress wanted to ignore what we thought about the whole idea of impeachment. They decided that we should not know what they thought about the idea of impeachment.

Yes, the impeachment trial was closed to public, leaving us all in the dark. They succeeded in shutting us out.

This was nothing short of deceptive tyranny. We were banned from a decision of monumental proportions.

Are we supposed to just sit around and wait until they have already decided the fate of the president we elected? Wait a second ... Isn't that what we were doing before?

I suppose showing the actual debates on television was just a farce, fooling us into thinking that we were actually involved.

If they were able to pull this kind of crap with us, how can we resume to business as usual once this is all over? Will we get to come outside and play with the members of Congress then?

Then again, the reason behind shutting us out could have been completely different. Maybe Rosie O'Donnell threatened all the senators with a kiss if they interrupted her show again.

Mahmoudi, a junior French and German major, can be reached at ,
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