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Volume 64, Issue 82

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Looking for a good place to eat at UH is an adventure in itself

The Food Groupie

Sara Rovang

As I sit in my car at University and Calhoun, I contemplate the stupidity of a person who would study this intersection and say to themselves, "All of North Houston and downtown is going to come through this intersection from I-45.

"At 5 p.m., this meeting of two six-lane roads is going to have to handle a flood of commuters leaving and a flood of residents coming. We don't need a protected left turn signal.

Let's just let the people stick their noses into the intersection, crane their heads to see around the equally long line of people turning left on the other side of the intersection, and then, with a prayer and a lead foot, risk their lives by throwing themselves out into the road, hoping that the cars going straight brake for them."

That intersection is a 20-car pile-up waiting to happen, and when it does, I will be smugly saying, "I told you so!" from my purple car -- it will be right in the middle.

My point (you didn't think I had one, did you?) is that as I come to the front position in this Russian roulette UH refers to as "the joys of commuting" (my heart racing and Beethoven's Ninth pouring out of my speakers), I take one last look to remind myself that I can't see anything.

I squint my eyes, let out a traditional Saber fencing attack yell, then floor it into the intersection -- and quite possibly to my death.

The revelation

Above my screaming and my bass, I hear a sound I have not heard in a month -- not since finals. It's the sound of my stomach revolting against me. The cry of my favorite organ wishing to tear itself from me and go in search of a more loving host.

Having left my mother's home in favor of the dorms (and no more commuting), I have also left behind the diet I have maintained for so long. Home-cooking? Hell no!

Take out!

I love my mother's kitchen: The oven is used to heat cold pizza, the stove to keep Chinese warm and the fridge holds sushi and cookie dough that will see the inside of an oven.

But now, with only a Cougar 1Card to my name, I am forced to eat -- gasp! -- meat and potatoes! Where's my Thai take out? Where's my Chili's cheese fries? I want my pho!

Eating on campus can be an adventure if you're new to UH, but if you keep you eyes open, you can find good places to eat.

Pin Lim/ The Daily Cougar

Having been on campus one week, all I knew was OB cafeteria. "The only decent place to eat great food ... just like at home," my friends would tell me as they dragged me into the cafeteria.

Between OB and the cafeteria at work (Amerada Hess Corp.), the constant drain was on my vending machine money. I went an entire week on -- normal food!

"Dear God!" I exclaimed as I took stock of my recent food intake: grilled cheese, potatoes, macaroni and cheese, chicken and milk! I swear, the only way I survived this lapse of junk food was my nearly constant stream of Coca-Cola.

By the way, my definition of "junk food" is anything my grandmother would yell at me for eating, or anything that would be considered perfectly fine to eat occasionally but is eaten in obscene amounts like it was your main source of food supplemented only with other food of this category.

Example junk food meal: BrotherÔs pizza, mom's left over pho from lunch, Pringles (with Olean) and a cookie dough tube for dessert -- preferably eaten in front of the 6:30 p.m. Friends episode.

I blame my lapse on a busy schedule which leaves me with no time to find new outlets for junk food. After my realization, I set out in bunny slippers, clutching my Cougar 1Card on a mission to pacify my stomach and survive this semester without my motherÔs credit card paying the delivery man.

The discovery

First stop -- OB convenience store. I saw it in passing (usually closed), but this time, I stopped and studied this most accessible outlet.

I'm saved! There's a hot dog machine with nacho cheese sauce! I quickly taste test. Ahhhh, my stomach is pleased for now.

Nearly 24 hours later, my stomach is almost back to peak performance. I have found the Chick-fil-A (not the best example of a Chick-fil-A establishment as far as selection goes, but better than nothing), the Kim Son (which replaces General Joe's as the greasiest Chinese I know) and the Pizza Hut at the Towers (not exactly BrotherÔs pizza, which doesn't deliver below F.M. 1960, but better than what they call pizza in the OB cafeteria).

I predict that as I explore this campus further, I will find even more treasures, like the wannabe Starbucks in the Satellite.

To prevent another extreme circumstance where time, energy and money could decrease my intake of junk food to another all-time low, I keep a canister of Homestyle Chocolate Frosting by my bed for emergencies. Did you know frosting is supposed to be refrigerated after it's opened?

Oh well.

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