Monday, February 8, 1999
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 88

Software reconstruction to improve computer system

Staff Council debates pay raise distribution

TNN announces nominees, Ol' Dirty seeks justice and DeNiro pays Rent

So you say you're apathetic...

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon

Cougars lose 10th straight

Borwell ans others impress ar weekend ITA tounament

Sport Shorts

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Citrusville -- David McGuire
Coogie -- John Palamidy
Jessie -- Dorothea Exis
perry, the great -- ed de la garza
Stop the World -- Curtis Miller

In News Today . . .
A plan to redesign UH's information infrastruction will give students, faculty and staff the ability to register for classes, as well as access financiall records and academic documents online.

In Opinion Today . . .

With the lights turned down and my aching head stuffed deep into my pillows I had a lot of time to think about the goodness of life.

In Entertainment Today . . .

Country music superstar Faith Hill picke dup seven nominations for this year's 33rd Annual TNN Music City News Country Awards.

In Sports Today . . .

Dramatic shot by Crosby makes history.

Once a Coog, always a Coog

Barry Watson/The Daily Cougar

Doug Drabek, former Astros pitcher and UH alumnus, pitched two innings at the Alumni baseball game played Sunday at Cougar Field.

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