UH residents will have a chance to elect students to represent their side today, whether it be concerns on food service or computer facilities in dormitories, at the annual Hall Council elections.

With a budget of approximately $50,000 designated for residential programs and activities, Hall Council members work closely with residents to assure that funds are allocated efficiently.

"We meet with advisors and work directly with the staff on a day-to-day basis," said Election Commissioner Adam Miller. "It is not our only function but our most important one.

"Residents elect people whom they feel represent their ideas to the department," Miller said.

As the second largest organization on campus, Hall Council has represented common housing interests among the residents and the housing staff for 19 years.

"Hall Council is like a state government," said Miller.

Sponsored by the Residence Hall Association, the Hall Council members will be stationed at the front desk at Cougar Place, the lobby of Oberholtzer Hall and the Tower Commons of the Moody Towers.

Once elected, members serve a year's term with Hall Council working to improve the quality of residential life.

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