Prepare to go south of the border this week, faithful and hungry readers, as you hear the tale of El Pueblito Place.

The restaurant is full of life, from its Big Bird-yellow exterior to its candy-pink interior. Our table was covered with pieces of a bingo-like game and topped with a peacock napkin holder.

Upon arrival we were whisked to our table and handed menus full of quesadillas, tacos and burritos on one side and brimming with chicken plates on the other.

The expected chips and salsa appeared soon after, but we were given two salsas to make our taste buds dance: one with a traditional tomato base and another with a pineapple base.

The chips were a bit on the thick side, to which I commented that they probably wouldn't go stale too quickly.

Being on my health kick, I opted for the Quesadillas Vejetariana ($4.95). I'm not really into the whole vegetarian thing, so the first time I ordered these, I was a bit wary.

But I love quesadillas, and mushrooms and cheese were also included, so I gave them a whirl (actually, a bite). That day I decided that those were some of the best quesadillas I'd had, so I had to order them again on this visit to see if they were how I had remembered them.

They were.

The flour tortillas were light and airy, the spinach and mushrooms fresh and the cheese stringy. My only complaint is the quesadillas were a bit greasy.

Jorg ordered the San Felipe ($5.95), a chicken breast marinated with house spices and topped with sautéed onions. The dish came with tortillas on the side as a fajita-making option.

"The chicken was flavorful and tender," Jorg said. "The flour tortillas were fabulous - tasty and paper-thin, which was a surprise since each tortilla chip was about as thick as my copy of War and Peace."

Both dishes came with rice, charra beans and pico de gallo. We found the rice fluffy, the beans tasty and the pico zingy.

Also on the menu were several fish and meat dishes. Pickup orders are available and any items may be made to vegetarian liking.

Our total cost (including beverages at $1 each, tax and tip) was $16.51. At about $8.26 a person, I once again landed in the high-dollar range. But remember, what is high-dollar for Cheap Eat$ is still cheaper than most Houston restaurants.

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