Wednesday, February 10, 1999
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 90

Genetic discrimination: a present danger?

Israeli judge discusses Palestinan human rights

'Station' offers mothers privacy


Too sexy for the stage

Sugar Ray, Everlast perform tonight

The Game Boy

Mahmoudi on Valentines

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon

Rice draws first blood in series

UH-Rice:budding rivalry

A UH coach  is headed to NFL    . . . again

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In News Today . . .

It is a premise around which many science fiction stories have been formed: job and insurance discrimination based on personal genetic information and the use of that information for personal gain.

In Opinion Today . . .

In case you've been hiding under a rock since New Year's Eve (or you are male), the countdown clock to Valentine's Day has been ticking away like crazy in your ear.

In Entertainment Today . . .

If you're yearning to have your values challenged and your mind toyed with, go see Houston Theater LaB's production of Shopping and Fucking. But be warned: This is no play for the faint of heart or queasy of stomach.

In Sports Today . . .

The Rice Owls have a reputation as one of the best hitting teams in the nation, and they reaffirmed it Tuesday afternoon at Cougar Field.

Permits? We don't need no . . . 

Pin Lim/The Daily Cougar

Cars sit in a no-parking zone in a faculty/staff parking lot Tuesday during the UH-Rice baseball game. Many game spectators pared free of charge in student and facutly/staff spaces, causing difficulty for those with paid parking permits.

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