Wednesday, February 11, 1999
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 91

National ad will publicize UH achievements

'UH Day' designed to show support in Austin

V-Day wasn't always about hugs and kisses

Campus organizations celebrate Black history


Sucky music videos often overshadow the creative ones

Romantic comedy Blast from the Past an enjoyable film for the ages

Message in a Bottle floats just in time for Valentine's

Moeller on Cupid

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Citrusville -- David McGuire
Coogie -- John Palamidy
Jessie -- Dorothea Exis
perry, the great -- ed de la garza
Stop the World -- Curtis Miller

In News Today . . .

In a five-year, $5-million project, UH has initiated a worldwide advertising campaign to obtain name and achievement recognition at the local, state and national levels.

In Opinion Today . . .

Love and desire drain me. I have no use for them. They only distract me from my studies. They warm me. Invigorate me. They tolerate me only for a little while, clogging my mind like two foh-tays in an hour. Then they crush me, leaving only a hardened and resentful skeleton of myself behind -- a scorned pupil smarting from cruel lessons.

In Entertainment Today . . .

The talk around MTV right now is about how controversial the upcoming music video for Madonna's "Nothing Really Matters" will be. Word is, we'll see the Material Girl kick Alanis Morissette's nude video for "Thank U" to the PG-13 slot. 

In Sports Today . . .

It used to be that corruption was only in college athletics. Stories popped up everywhere relating to scandals and illegal dealings. But now it has seeped into high school.

Into the deep

Barry Watson/The Daily Cougar

Junior political science major José Hernandez takes aim at the enemy Wednesday in ambush training at MacGregor Park.

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