Friday, February 12, 1999
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 92

Students will build opportunity in Florida

The Sound of Music


Sugar Ray concert Review

Death of a Play

No date? Curl up with a good survey

Dateless, not desperate

I sold my soul to Melcher Hall

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Cougars set to face the Crimson Tide

A new 'Big Three'

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In News Today . . .

While most of the nation is enjoying Spring Break in March, a group of volunteer students will exchange the comforts of hime for construction sites in Homestead, Fla., a town at the poverty level.

Joshua Chen isn't the typical Moores School of Music student.  Like other students, he reads music, learns the melodies and performs in the Moores School Chorale.

In Opinion Today . . .

Despite the feeble attempt at aesthetics through a palette of pastels and other "non-aggressive" colors, the building itself still seems foreboding.  It's no Gothic cathedral, but it still manages to make you feel small.

In Entertainment Today . . .

The smell of weed and booze. Nothing gets an evening going like that combination, unless you add a great live music soundtrack. Then you have yourself a bad-ass concert.

In Sports Today . . .

While some college teams go wild against less-than-average competition, the Cougars have yet to back down from the challenge of taking the field against the country's best talent.

Putting on the War Paint

Pete Medrano/The Daily Cougar

ROTC members prepared for amush training  Wednesday at MacGragor Park by outfitting themselves in army fatigues and painting their faces.  TOP: Graduate student Romeo Pulikkathara and junior environmental management major Joseph phillip Johnson paint their faces and heads in order to hide from potential enemies.  BELOW:  Junior English major Akhirah Abdullah checks her reflection in the mirror to make sure her body in entirely covered.

Pete Medrano/The Daily Cougar


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