Thursday, February 18, 1999
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 96

Administrators attempt to go'Back to Basics'

Ground broken for new track/soccor facility

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SA addresses wheelchair campaign and student spirit

By Michelle Norton
Managing Editor

The Students Association continued its campaign for wheelchair accessibility Wednesday by passing a bill to enact a deadline on renovations to create wheelchair friendly classrooms.

Glenn Turner, junior mechanical engineering major and author of the bill, presented the bill, which was unanimously passed, to the Senate.

Tuner also introduced a bill that would require Residential Life and Housing to repair the washers and dryers, which have been broken for longer than a semester, at the Moody Towers and the Quadrangle.

Passed by the Senate, the bill will require RLH to prepare a maintenance check to be performed bimonthly on all washers and dryers. It would also require that problems noted in the checks be fixed before the next check is scheduled to occur.

In other business, Optometry Sen. Jane Powell introduced a resolution to recognize "Save Your Vision Week" from March 7 to 13.

Powell said the week is important because it will establish public awareness programs to inform the Houston community of eye health and vision needs.

Referring to the UH College of Optometry, Powell said, "Many students don't know it, but you get big discounts."

The resolution was referred to the Committee on Student Life.

Addressing other student life concerns, Vice President Tom Cassidy discussed how his constituents were unhappy with the current track the University was taking. "I felt, for the first time, despair in student voices," he said.

Cassidy attributed their despair to lack of knowledge about UH's history. He said that because UH had a high turnover of presidents in the past, the productivity rate was very low.

Now, with UH President Arthur K. Smith, he said the University was heading in the right direction. "UH administration is going in the right direction, but students must know what is going on," he said.

Cassidy went on to list the steps the University is taking to generate a higher productivity rate. He said a key step is to establish winning athletic teams in order to generate money.

"With good athletic teams, the student body will be on the plus side," he said.

He went on to the discuss the importance of building the Recreation 2000 Center for student life and Alumni contributions. 

Cassidy also commended the passage of the UH Master Plan, which he said will bring more students to campus, generate more interest in residential life and create more UH spirit.

In addition to voicing concerns about the direction of the University, Cassidy also announced that he will be running for SA President in the next election.

In other business, three senators were sworn in: James Patterson, freshman business major, for the Honors College; Kayla Allen, social sciences major, for senator-at-large; and Cynthia Trevino for election commissioner.

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