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Big Bird caught in illicit tryst!

With a statement obliterating Pat Robertson's famous prediction of disaster in Miami because of rampant homosexual activity, Jerry Falwell took to the media with accusations aimed at children's programming.

He called "Tinky Winky" of The Teletubbies an overt symbol of homosexuality due to his color (purple), his purse and triangle-shaped antenna atop "his" head.

Why stop with the Teletubbies? Mickey is a male rodent, yet he speaks and giggles like a girl. Big Bird spends far too much quality time with Mr. Snuffleupagus. What about all those Daffy Duck strip routines meant to stall Elmer Fudd? What about Chip and his longtime companion, Dale?

As long as you're bringing up color, what about Barney? "I love you, you love me" is obviously an ode to pedophilia -- Isn't it?

Homosexuals probably have better things to do than to use The Teletubbies as a propaganda device. One doubts the existence of secret meetings consisting of gays and lesbians setting out to convert 3-year-olds to believers in alternative lifestyles.

Falwell himself should have better things to do than devote so much time to watching a television show about a magical far-off land inhabited by disfigured muppets. The 700 Club must be a safer viewing experience for him.

He later stated that, regardless of the uproar, he at least was able to get the word of God out to millions of televisions nationwide via numerous interviews.

Basically, it didn't matter to him that his words made him sound foolish, so long as he got his real message about love and understanding out to the people.

Granted, the uproar is diminishing into a murmur, but it still bears addressing. People like Falwell do nothing but instill misunderstanding into children's minds.

Perhaps it's because Barney, the Dinosaur is too sophisticated for children under four. For whatever reason, children find the adventures of Tinky Winky and Po amusing.

With all they could be watching at the same time -- daytime talk shows for instance -- do you really think The Teletubbies corrupts their minds? Don't make children run up to their parents asking them questions they're not ready for.


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