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Calhoun exit from Elgin will be closed starting Monday

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The right-turn lanes from Elgin Boulevard onto Calhoun Road will be barricaded and closed to through traffic starting Monday.

The closing, part of a series of changes in the Texas Spur 5 project, will force motorists to find alternative routes onto Calhoun.

Motorists who normally exit using Calhoun will have to travel to Wheeler Avenue and onto Cullen Boulevard or use the campus streets between Entrances 18 and 19.

In addition to Calhoun's closing, the Texas Department of Transportation will also close other campus streets in the upcoming weeks.

An extension of Wheeler that connects with Texas Spur 5 will be opened Feb. 27. The route provides direct access to Interstate 45.

Also, traffic that normally runs northbound from Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard onto Calhoun will be diverted around the University using Wheeler.

Signs will be posted directing the through traffic heading north at the Wheeler/Calhoun/Martin Luther King Jr. intersection to turn onto Wheeler. The traffic change will officially signal the start of reconstruction of the Wheeler/Calhoun intersection.

At the same time, Calhoun will be closed between North MacGregor Way and Wheeler. Motorists will have to use University Oaks until completion of the project.

In addition, UH traffic to and from the South Park Annex will only be able to access the annex using the University Oaks and North MacGregor detour.

The Texas Spur 5 project is scheduled for completion this summer.

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