Monday, February 23, 1999
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 99

Local, state government umpacted by Uh System

Eating disorders affect many college students

CWig-shop suspect is UH dropout

Album Reviews:
Latch Key Kids

Gimme some moe.

Whitlock on Clinton

Trevino on the Cosmic Plan

Schuchart on Greek Myths

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon

Sykes and Friends tune it up for Rice tonight

Stringfellow looks to get UH back to the stars

No.36 Lady Cougar tennis team takes on rival A&M today

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In News Today . . .

As an institution for higher education, Uh has become a financial catalyst for the city and the state.

In Opinion Today . . .

A frequent and justified outrage among feminists and victims' rights groups is the tendency of defence teams to put the victim on trial in rape cases.  Similarly, in murder cases they either put the victim or anything besies the defendant on trial.

In Entertainment Today . . .

A look at Sebadoh's past, present and unknown future will show how mutable they have been.

In Sports Today . . .

Hosuton Cougar baseball fans know the pitcher Jerret Sykes.  Ask a Houston fan about Sykes, and he will tell you that Sykes is the sophomore left-hander for the UH baseball team.

Laying tracks

Ryan Monceaux/The Daily Cougar

Construction has begun on the UH Track/Soccer Complex behind the Athletics/Alumni Center.  Ground was broken for the new complex Wednesday, and construction is expected to be completed by May.

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