Friday, September 3, 1999
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Minority test scores stay below average

Soccer tourney may tie up UH traffic

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Superstar Walker is what doctor ordered

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Stylin' and profilin' at the UC

Will Cordray/The Daily Cougar

Biology junior Humaira Badat (above) and MIS sophomores Traun Mulani and B.J. Josan (below) participate in the Indian Students Association's Dance and Fashion Shown on Thursday at the University Center.

In News Today . . .

Although the number of minorities who take the Scholastic Aptitude Test has increased during the past decade, average SAT scores have not shown much change, The College Board announced earlier this week.

In Opinion Today . . .

Why wasn't the part of the world that opposes capital punishment outraged when John William King was sentenced to death? Why is it cruel and unusual to have prisoners in rooms without air conditioning, but it's not cruel to put high school students in the same situation?

In Entertainment Today . . .

The weather is getting cooler, the jeans are getting tighter, and visions of beach balls are bouncing in the heads of country music fans.

At this time of year, these mildly strange symptoms can only be attributed to two things: 1.) Labor Day, or 2.) Clay Walker is coming to town.

In Sports Today . . .

When the Cougar Football coaching staff searches the country for talented athletes, it looks for size, speed and desire. 

When head coach Kim Helton found William Pettis playing defensive back for the NJCAA's Middle Georgia, he got all that -- plus attitude.


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