Friday, September 3, 1999
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 10

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R. Alex Whitlock

Why wasn't the part of the world that opposes capital punishment outraged when John William King was sentenced to death? Why is it cruel and unusual to have prisoners in rooms without air conditioning, but it's not cruel to put high school students in the same situation?

Why do people wonder how our prisons can be so full at a time when crime rates are so low? Why does speaking out against killing a murderer make you a civil rights advocate, while speaking out against killing the unborn puts you in the company of murderers?

How many pro-lifers have used the phrase, "I brought you into this world, and I can take you out of it?" How many pro-choicers are vegetarians or detest game hunting? 

Why is it that we have sanctions against a communist country that abuses civil rights right next to us while another communist country that abuses civil rights in Asia has "most favored nation" trading status?

Why did my history book spend so much time on the mass murders in Germany by the Nazis, but failed to address the equally devastating mass murders in the Soviet Union by the communists?

Why did the press spend days covering Newt Gingrich's conduct and eventual $300,000 fine, yet it didn't even care to mention that the IRS exonerated him early this year? Why did the congressional majority chastise the president for being unfaithful to his wife, yet it wasn't equally harsh with Bob Livingston and Henry Hyde?

Why was President Clinton impeached for alleged perjury, but the House majority whip was not even censured for it? Why is it those who had bumper stickers that said "I believe Anita" don't have bumper stickers that say "I believe Juanita?" Both accusations were more than a decade old, and neither had real evidence.

Why is it when someone takes the popular stand you agree with, they are "in touch," but when they take the popular stand you disagree with, they are "pandering?" Why are the Republicans simultaneously considered "partisan" and "a divided party?" Wouldn't they have to be one or the other?

Where are the diehard liberals in the 2000 election? They're the only ideological demographic being ignored, yet they don't seem to mind when conservatives hinder their party in an effort to be heard.

When was the last time the press used the terms "ultra-liberal," "Reagan hater" or "hard-core liberal?" They have no qualms about using the terms "ultra-conservative," "Clinton hater" and "hard-core conservative."

What is the fundamental difference between racism and ethnic pride? Can one exist without the other? What is the fundamental difference between racial profiling and affirmative action? Why do those who support one typically oppose the other?

If Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement worked hard so that little black and white children could walk hand in hand, why did we voluntarily segregate ourselves?

Why must someone be racist if he or she supports or opposes affirmative action, depending on whom you ask? Why do those who believe it's right to kill a killer believe it's wrong to discriminate against the discriminators?

Why is Mexico so angry with our immigration policy when it had no qualms about deporting Central Americans who were made homeless because of Hurricane Mitch a couple years back? Would those who believe that Texas and the Southwest belong to Mexico really like to be governed by the Mexican government?

Why is it that those who know better than to try to legislate morality try to legislate equality? Why is it that those who know better than to try to legislate equality try to legislate morality?

Whitlock, a sophomore information systems technology major,
can be reached at rwhitloc@bayou.uh.edu.

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