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Volume 65, Issue 100

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Weak ... so ... weak

To the editor,

This morning I had a headache and decided that it was due to a vitamin deficiency. So I went to the UH convenience store in the Satellite to get one of those cool V-8 Splashes, cranberry juice or something.

Most of us who live off fast food or vending machines know it is very easy to get vitamin deficiencies. But I could always at least grab a juice to fend off the severe headaches I'd get when I hadn't eaten a vegetable in a week. But today was different. The convenience stores only had Coke.

They'd been out of various juices before, but I asked an employee and she said they no longer carried anything but Coke products. I went to the cafeteria and encountered the same thing. They only offered orange and apple juices. While those have lots of vitamin C, they lack many of the other essential vitamins, especially vitamin A.

I'm not a nutrition major, but as a hypoglycemic headache-prone individual, I do notice a product's vitamin content. And I hate sweet drinks because they make me ill.

The main point is that it is ridiculous that we don't have options. I even went to the Smoothie King, and although their chain offers high-in-vitamin-A drinks, they only carried one of them -- and it had a bunch of other stuff I didn't want.

Plus it cost almost $6, compared to the average fruit juices, which cost around a buck and a half. I think this is going to be a problem for a lot of people, even if they don't realize it. Fruitopia and fruit punch -- that has 10 percent juice -- is going to leave us all feeble-minded, or at least with a headache.

I shouldn't have to find time to make sure I bring my own juice. Chartwells is supposed to be here so I can concentrate on studying. I have put up with all sorts of things from this campus in my four years here, but I'm sick of them messing with my health.

Susan Flanakin,
senior, sociology

Positive coverage

To the editor,

I just had to comment on a recent article I read in The Daily Cougar about the man who takes care of the Cougar Baseball Field "The man behind the art: Griffin takes pride in placing the beauty into UH's Cougar Field," (Sports, Feb. 17). There is so much going on everyday around this campus that we students have no idea about, or don't notice.

I think this newspaper is doing a beautiful job of reporting important news to the student body, but I used to wonder why some of the janitors had not been featured in any articles. This is my second year here and I have noticed that this campus is kept up fairly well.

I know most people probably don't notice how often the grass gets cut, or how often our campus caretakers are out there doing their job, but some of us do. I am glad to see that they are finally getting some of the recognition they deserve. After all, what's the use of building a beautiful campus if it can't be kept looking good?

Uzoma Umez,
sophomore, pre-pharmacy

Value judgment

To the editor,

Since entering UH in 1995, I noticed a pattern of "insensitivity" complaints directed by Muslim students toward The Daily Cougar and other individuals on campus. Let me preface by saying that I in no way endorse the real bigotry that a Muslim American may face, often with a different color of skin, coming from a far away country with a differing value system. This should not be tolerated.

What I will say is this: The example that the Islamic world has given us of two-bit political dictatorship and the oppression of women is no surprise. It stems directly from the practice and teachings of the faith. You're going to get a little flack in the Western world for maintaining antiquated views.

Islam is inherently anti-Democratic. When you push Muslim leaders far enough, they more often than not concede this point. The Koran is the prescription for all aspects of life -- political, moral, spiritual and economic. Last time I checked, the Koran did not, let me repeat, did not advocate a bicameral system of government designed to ensure stability and protect individual rights. The entire concept of an individual is foreign to Islam. So, in reality, we arrogant Westerners don't amount to too much.

Muslims often say that they do not believe that the actions of a nation's leaders represent the "real" nature of Islam. But, these provide the only examples Westerners have of Islamic rule. Don't spend too much time looking for this "real" Islam, because you're likely to not find it. Once again, the Koran offers theocracy as its solution, which is likely to be taken advantage of for a leader's political expedience.

Without writing the second editorial within the editorial--Israel. It's become politically incorrect to say that Israel was willing to live with British partition, but it has been repeatedly attacked by everybody since. I guess we're just supposed to forget that Syria and Egypt formed one nation for the sole purpose of blowing Israel off the face of the earth. After all, it's so trendy to say everything's two-sided, even though it neglects any semblance of accurate history.

My point is this. People should be treated with respect and dignity. As a Christian, that is a heartfelt belief. We should not, however, sacrifice historical and moral truth in order to be sensitive.

Jonathan Matthew Mower,
alumnus, 98

Letters Policy

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