Tuesday, February 22, 2000
Houston, Texas
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Sentimental words from a drag queen

Brandon Moeller

I overheard some words of wisdom from an unknown drag queen in club Picasso's restroom recently. she almost brought me to tears.

She said, "You either have it, or you don't have it. You're either born with it, or you're not. You can't buy it, you can't gain it by association -- it won't rub off on you. And you've got to flaunt it! "

"It," as she was referring to, is in regards to one's physical beauty or poise. However, I think her words can be read many different ways. 

I think "it" can also refer to a certain unnameable aspect of a person that makes them who they are. Nobody is the same person, we are each individuals. Each and every one of us has grown up with different experiences and beliefs that define who we are.

Being a diverse community, UH is a melting pot of ideas and opinions that should be protected, even though we may not agree with all of them. Everybody holding this paper has a story to tell. Some of them are relevant to the UH community. Some should be told.

This paper is a forum to allow UH community members to express a wide range of emotions and opinions regarding UH policies and more. If you know something we should know and the UH community should know, I encourage you to write to us. 

Playboy to shoot C-USA

That's right, folks. The magazine that not only offers beautiful pictorials of gorgeous Hollywood stars, but damn good articles as well (of course their readers can read), Playboy magazine is planning on exposing the women of Conference USA. For those of you who did not know we had an athletic department, let me say this: UH is a member of C-USA and we win every game.

This means some of our Lady Cougars may wind up in the pages of the most widely hidden-from-our-parents magazine. Great! I think it's about time Houston gets the respect it deserves on a national level (besides that whole smog thing). If it means female athletes are going to have to take off their clothes and convince the rest of the world that Houston is not lacking in anything (and I do mean anything), then so be it! 

Well, OK. Maybe taking off your clothes doesn't always get you everywhere. But it will definitely make an artistic and sexual statement saying, "I'm from Houston. I play sports. And I look a lot better than those girls from Saint Louis."

Playboy isn't a publication that devalues women. In fact, the publication shares some of the most beautiful and talented specimens of the female species with a generally male audience. If and when UH athletes make the cut and are photographed for the publication, I will gladly raise a toast to those girls who had enough gumption to overcome all of the stereotypes usually associated with nudie magazine stars and give UH more recognition than Tier 1 status can ever provide. After all, if you've got it, why not flaunt it

Don't speed on Spur 5

I recently got my second speeding ticket trying to get back to the dorms by taking the somewhat new Spur 5 from Interstate 45. I exited I-45 going a usually moderate-for-me speed of 65 mph. Yet the speed limit is 35, and sure enough, a cop was waiting for me when I got over the Spur's hill. 

The lesson of the story: Don't speed when you can't see what's in front of you. Of course, this seems obvious, and I know how fun Spur 5 can be when you're driving 90, but just to let you know, occasionally the law man is out there.

Doorstops, anyone?

Last week, several students who live in the quad were in an uproar after hearing that their current door hinges, which allow the students to leave their door open, will be replaced with spring hinges that will make it impossible to do the latter. 

Unless, of course, one were to invest in a door stop. Although any math book would serve this purpose, wouldn't it be neat if we could get UH doorstops that are painted Cougar red?

I wonder if any of the local bookstores around campus have tried to capitalize on this new necessity for those students who want to maintain an "open door" environment in their rooms.

Moeller, a sophomore communication major, 
can be reached at brandonmoeller@hotmail.com.


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