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Charges against Walker filed, dropped Monday

Cougar News Staff

Three Election Commission complaints have been filed and dropped regarding Students' Association presidential candidate Kenya Walker's campaign strategies.

Presidential candidates Justin Ray and James Robertson Jr. filed complaints with the Election Commission on Monday alleging that Walker had passed out poll-worker application forms to her friends and asked them to campaign for her at the polls, a violation of election rules establishing pollers' impartiality.

Both Ray and Robertson said they dropped the charges in the best interest of the election.

"Instead of dragging the commission through doing it, we're going, 'Shame on you, Kenya,'" Ray said.

Robertson said he had no personal knowledge of Walker's allegedly encouraging students to campaign for her at the polls. He said a candidate for senator on Ray's ticket had approached him and asked him to file a complaint.

Candidate Andy Brown, an independent, said Ray also contacted him asking if he wanted to file a complaint, but Brown declined.

The third complaint, filed by Robertson, dealt with Walker's distributing campaign flyers in the Moody Towers and was also dropped Monday morning. Walker said Monday afternoon that the charges against her were false. 

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