Tuesday, February 29, 2000
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 105

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We recommend ...

The following are The Daily Cougar Editorial Board's suggestions for voting in today and Wednesday's Students' Association general elections. The recommendations are based on a majority vote of Editorial Board members.

Andy Brown for president

The decision of who to recommend for SA president was not an easy one.

Every candidate brought good traits to the table, but our recommendation goes with Andy Brown, the law student who, as an undergraduate, served as student body president at Colorado College. We like Brown for his ideas. He wants to investigate alternate parking solutions, including park-and-ride and light rail options with Metro. He wants to encourage businesses to move in near campus. He wants to make the campus safer, and he wants to foster a sense of campus community.

In short, Brown's ideas are what this, an urban campus, needs. Are they feasible? Maybe not, but we'll never know unless we try.

Bill Kelly for vice president

The biggest strike against Andy Brown is inexperience in dealing with the SA. That's where Bill Kelly, who has a year of leadership as a senator from The Honors College, comes in.

Kelly seems committed to performing the primary duty of the vice president, which is filling positions on, and overseeing the activities of, committees. In addition, he has proven himself familiar with the workings of the SA and is not afraid to voice his opinions. In order to have an effective legislature, such initiative is not only desired, it is necessary.

Glenn Turner for student regent

The job of the student regent is to represent the wishes of the student body to the Board of Regents, and Glenn Turner has shown himself more than capable of doing so. During his year in office, Turner has attended not only full board meetings, but tedious (and numerous) committee meetings. He has well represented the concerns of the students to the Regents, and we look forward to seeing him continue that work.

Also ...

The Daily Cougar recommends approval of both the proposal changing the SA's name to the Student Government Association and the proposal to establish a freshman council. Both would improve SA's visibility and accessibility and benefit the campus as a whole.


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