Friday, March 3, 2000
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 108

Election announcement today

Optometry college will offer free vision testing

Upward Bound program gives students needed lift

Web site offers scholarships to registered users



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Film Review: The Next Best Thing

Remarkable etchings by Lucian Freud displayed at UH's Blaffer Gallery

Film Review: Drowning Mona

The Galloping Ghost

Melançon on guns

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'How do you spell 'www' again?'

Alan Robeson/The Daily Cougar

University Studies freshman Beth Weathers chalks an advertisement for on a campus sidewalk Thursday afternoon.


In News Today . . .

Members of the Students' Association Election Commission and SA adviser Josey Evans worked late into the night Thursday to count the 2,616 ballots cast in this week's SA general elections.

In Opinion Today . . .

A classroom full of six-year-olds has been emotionally scarred for life. Kayla Rolland is dead; another youth is on a long, dark road. President Clinton was quoted in the Houston Chronicle, saying "we simply haven't done everything we can do to keep guns away from criminals and children."

In Entertainment Today . . .

In The Next Best Thing, Abbie (Madonna) and Robert (Rupert Everett) are best friends who have almost everything in common. These two would make a great couple except for one little thing -- Robert is gay.

In Sports Today . . .

March Madness has arrived and it all begins with Tournament Week.


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