Tuesday, September 7, 1999
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 11

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Honors College seminar to focus on 'dark side'

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Evil, suffering and morality -- three words that, for many students, perfectly sum up the beginning of school.

But they will take on a different aspect later this month when The Honors College plays host to "Refractions of the Spirit: Encounters with the Dark Side in Public and Private Life," a conference that will examine religious traditions and mythologies and their perspectives on evil, suffering and morality.

Among the presenters at the two-day conference will be noted religious historian Huston Smith and psychologist Connie Zweig, co-author of the book Romancing the Shadow: Illuminating the Dark Side of the Soul.

Smith, who has taught at MIT, Washington University and Berkeley, has published several works on the world's religions and their histories and traditions. Zweig is a Jungian psychiatrist who specializes in creative and spiritual issues.

The conference will be held Friday and Saturday, Sept. 24 and 25, at the University Hilton. Friday's session, scheduled for 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. in Room 261 of the Hilton, features Smith speaking on "Darkness in the World's Religions." Admission to that session is free.

Saturday will begin with Zweig's presentation "Romancing the Shadow on the Way to the Light" at 9 a.m. in Room 210, followed by three short presentations on various topics.

Saturday afternoon, four workshops on topics including "Encounters with the Personal Shadow" and "An Introduction to Shadow-Work," led by Zweig, will be followed by closing remarks from Smith and a panel discussion in Room 210. The cost for all of Saturday's sessions is $75; registration will take place at 8:30 a.m. Saturday.

Visitor parking for the event will be available in the Hilton's underground garage.

The C.G. Jung Educational Center of Houston promotes the study and exploration of Jungian analytical psychology and ideals to build self-awareness.


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