Tuesday, September 7, 1999
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 11

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On to 'Bama

After a resounding 28-3 thrashing of the Rice Owls, the Cougars were able to hold on to the highly coveted Bayou Bucket.

For those in attendance, the game was marred only by a 20-minute delay to the start of the second half. Well, that and the insipid Owls Marching Band, whose halftime show insisted that unlike UH, Rice actually loved the idea of not belonging to the Southwest Conference. They actually wanted to be in the Western Athletic Conference with schools such as Hawaii and Brigham Young. They love the obscurity.


For the first time in three years, a Cougars home game left fans wanting more. Packed inside the newly renovated stadium, UH fans could be heard from across campus. Dick Bumpas' defense wouldn't let Rice score. Neither would Rice's offense, but that didn't spoil the fun.

The fact is, we kicked Rice's ass. There's a reason to hope. We may not be able to go 11-0, but then again, that's a lot to ask for -- especially coming on the heels of a 3-8 season. However, we can look forward to winning the conference. When's the last time we were able to do that?

To those of you who chose to stay home and make fun of what you thought would be an unexciting game, shame on you. You missed out on a real feeling of community.

Though we make light of official attempts to "instill" school spirit into this campus, you can't deny that fans felt proud to wave the Cougar hand sign in the air.

That feeling came naturally. It came from knowing that our team was responsible for another team's ineptitude. It came from knowing your fellow students were busting their butts on the field to prove they were better than last year would indicate. It came from knowing that more than 30,000 fans felt the same way you did. It came from knowing that when the game was over, we'd be 1-0.

It feels good to be undefeated.


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