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Goo Goo Dolls, Sugar Ray and Fastball play energetic concert

By Jesse Joseph Lauritz
Daily Cougar Staff 

I swear I was lost when I first arrived at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion on Saturday night for the Goo Goo Dolls show. I got my tickets and looked for my seat, but I must have taken a wrong turn and arrived at the kiddie barn.

I was surrounded by kids young enough to be mine. Despite this, the atmosphere was excellent and the place was packed.

John Rzeznik, lead singer for the Goo Goo Dolls, calls for applause at the Levi's Fusion Tour Concert Saturday night in the Cynthia Woods Mithcell Pavilion. Sugar Ray and Fastball also played during the evening.

Henri Chen/ The Daily Cougar

Starting the show off was Fastball, which was surprisingly good. They weren't very loose and the crowd couldn't really get into it, but this didn't stop the Austin-based band.

Fastball only played for 20 minutes, but didn't waste any time. The band played approximately six or seven songs, including "The Way" and "Fire Escape," sending some in the crowd into a dancing frenzy.

The seats were filling up by the end of Fastball's set, just in time for Sugar Ray. At this point, the crowd was getting into it. DJ Homicide rode in on a bicycle, followed by the rest of the band on mopeds. As the music began, singer Mark McGrath ran onto the stage to a loud cheer from the audience.

Sugar Ray opened with "Glory," from its latest album, 14:59. McGrath's personal bartender mixed drinks for him the entire time he performed.

"Sugar Ray doesn't have a good time unless you are having a good time," said McGrath.

The band then followed with "Falls Apart," "Even Though" and its first hit "Fly." McGrath dedicated "Fly" to his grandmother and to everyone's lost loved ones.

Next, McGrath addressed the lawn. "Lawn people, I can smell the weed coming down to the stage," he said.

He then told the audience, "If you like this, scream. If you don't, boo." Then he started to sing "I Want It That Way," by the Backstreet Boys, which drew mixed reactions from the crowd and provided yet another humorous moment.

The band closed with its new single "Someday," the old- school "Push and Shove" and finally "Every Morning."

They put on a great show for the crowd, but when the Goo Goo Dolls took the stage, the crowd erupted. Everybody sang-along to most of the songs and went crazy over "Slide" and "Iris."

At the beginning of the Goo Goo Dolls' set, many of the kids in attendance began to leave, which was shocking because if you pay money to see a good show, what's the point in leaving early? Maybe they wanted to beat the traffic.

Anyway, the crowd's excitement increased as the Dolls continued to play. Lead singer John Rzeznik's comments were funny and kept things interesting.

The Dolls followed with "Long Way Down," "Lazy Eye," "Slide," "Full Forever," "Eyes Wide Open," "Black Balloon," "Bulletproof," "Naked," "Lucky Star," "Name," "A Million Miles Away," "January Friend," "Broadway," "Another Second Time Around," "Flat Top," "Acoustic No. 3," "Iris," "Just The Way You Are," "Burnin' Up" and "Hate This Place."

After a well-deserved break the Dolls came back out for an encore. "Two Days in February" was a definite crowd-favorite.

After "Two Days," the Dolls said good-bye and threw their guitars into the video screen. Adding excitement to the end of the show, Rzeznik apparently wasn't satisfied about something because he grabbed a microphone stand and threw it through the screen, tearing the heck out of it.

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