Teusday, March 7, 2000
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Volume 65, Issue 110

Miller, Webb settle SA election complaints

Census hopes to be accurate

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'I'd do anything for more beads'

Kevin Harwerth/The Daily Cougar

 Revelers clog the streets of Galveston during Mardi Gras weekend, hoping to catch a strand of plastic beads flung from one of the festival's parade floats. 


In News Today . . .

Complaints regarding the manner in which this year's Students' Association general elections were carried out were settled Monday with a promise to review -- and possibly reform -- the SA's Election Code so similar issues do not arise in future years.

In Opinion Today . . .

One of the fundamental debates that occurs every four years, signaling the upcoming presidential elections, is the debate over taxes. The Republicans want to give the American people their "hard-earned" money back in the form of tax cuts. The Democrats want to raise taxes in our time of prosperity, so that all people, regardless of their work ethic, can "participate in our booming economy."

In Entertainment Today . . .

The 68th edition of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo completed its Y2K run this past weekend by breaking just about every record possible.

In Sports Today . . .

Everyone, from 8-21 UH to 28-2 Cincinnati, is ready to begin the "second season" -- the one that really counts, after all. The slates have been wiped clean and it's go time for all, even for the teams who won't be dancing much in late March.


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