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UH and Grenada will offer summer course

By Silvia Neufeld
News Reporter

A certain UH professor was among those jetting off to island destinations during Spring Break -- but for Michael F. Doran, the trip was strictly business.

Doran, a geography professor, visited the island nation of Grenada last week to make preparations for an expanded summer field study course there. The course will be held during four weeks in July and August and will involve researchers from several local colleges and universities.

"Both the country of Grenada and the students will benefit from a course such as this," said Doran, who has written an article about life in Grenada that was published in the February 2000 issue of United Airlines' Hemisphere in-flight magazine. "Economically and educationally, we will create a win-win situation."

In addition to Doran and his geography students, UH geologist Peter Copeland will travel to Grenada this summer to study volcanic geochronology. The trip will also include Texas Southern University public affairs professor Lalita Sen, who will conduct a transportation study, and Dean Ayres, who teaches in the Department of Geosciences at Houston Community College and will do a large-scale computer topographic map.

The trip, Doran said, will not only benefit the students and professors, but will help Grenada itself.

"Our goal on this trip is not only to learn, but to contribute our findings to the people and government of Grenada," he said. "The government in Grenada is interested in developing a strong economic base."

Students who took the course last year said the combination of a traditional classroom education and a real-world lab course gave them a distinct advantage over those who lacked the experience.

"Last year's trip was exciting and very educational for us," anthropology major Jason Smith said. "We students benefit by taking a look at another country and another way of life."

Fellow student Michelle T. Meade agreed.

"I strongly recommend any interested students to sign up for this course," she said. "After spending a month of actual research in Grenada, I was able to walk away with a higher interest and awareness for another way of life."

Students interested in signing up for the course (GEOG 4598: Special Problems -- Grenada) should contact Doran at (713) 743-3892.

"We are interested in those students who are serious about their professions," Doran said.

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