Friday, March 24, 2000
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 118

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Cash Money and Ruff Ryders bass Compaq

By Keenan Singleton
Daily Cougar Staff

The usual sport-themed decor of Compaq Center was replaced with gaudy stage sets Wednesday night as Houston welcomed the biggest hip-hop show since the "Hard Knock Life Tour" -- the "Ruff Ryders/Cash Money Tour."

Infamous for flaunting their considerable wealth by being decked out in platinum, the Cash Money Millionaires hovered over the crowd in a makeshift helicopter that housed Turk, B.G., Juvenile and Lil' Wayne, as they shared the wealth, flinging dollar bills out to the audience.

Juvenile strutted his way through his solo hits, "Ha" and "Ya Understand," before joining the other five members in group hits "Bling, Bling," "Tha Block Is Hot" and "Hot Girl."

Cash Money then welcomed about 10 young ladies (and I use ladies loosely) to the stage for the group's biggest hit, "Back That Thang Up," where each girl did her best to impress the audience with her ability to, well, back that thang up.

The least-known but arguably most talented member of the Ruff Ryders' crew, Drag-On, quickly re-energized the lackluster crowd by spitting verses on numerous hits.

The three-man tandem of the LOX entered the stage decked out in Houston Rockets jerseys, as it performed one hit from its former Bad Boy Records' days, "Money, Power, Respect" and other hits from its recent release, We Are the Streets, by rapping "Wild Out" and "Ryde or Die, Chick."

The First (and only) Lady of the tour, Eve, descended onto the stage floor in a glimmering disco ball and performed her solo hits, "What Y'all Want" and "Gotta Man" with her hype-man Drag-On.

Eve then proceeded to finish her set with the touchy, spousal abuse-conscious, "Love Is Blind."

Earl Simmons, better known as DMX, fluttered over the sizable audience, shackled in a one-man jail cell, before ripping through tracks from his two previous albums It's Dark and Hell is Hot, Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood and his latest release, ... And Then There Was X.

X blazed thorough his set without the aid of a hype-man as he performed smash singles, "What's My Name," "Slippin'" and "Get At Me Dog" and also performed lesser-known songs such as "Stop Being Greedy."

And when the crowd was geared up for a live performance of his biggest hit, "Ruff Ryders' Anthem," he surprised the arena by turning his head upstairs and reciting "Prayer III" from ... And Then There Was X before the house lights were raised to end the show.

Other than some lengthy delays, the only problems were a tad too much bass that had my ears ringing until 2 a.m. and a new group named Dime that killed the audience's fervor, which Drag-On had to later recapture.

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