Tuesday, March 28, 2000
Houston, Texas
Volume 65, Issue 120

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Two days ... and counting

Yes, that's all that's left: two days until the first game is played at the new Enron Field, the Houston Astros' new home.

The Daily Cougar has been openly critical about Enron, citing that parking and traffic in the downtown area is mostly likely going to turn out hellish. However, once all that crap is out of the way, the essence of old-school baseball is the main focal point.

Houston will get its first taste of outdoor Major League Baseball. Most Houstonians have never seen an outdoor Major League game. Of course, that is how the game, at any level, was meant to be played. The Astrodome was an odd place for baseball. Large and spacious, effects of the weather did not affect the carry of the ball or other aspects of the game in the Dome. Enron Field will include that aspect.

The new ballpark seats about 42,000 fans (63 luxury suites are available). The club seats are close, too. The seats closest to first and third base are 57 feet away. Enron Field is now the stadium that seats its fans closest to the action, beating out Chicago's legendary Wrigley Field.

Enron is definitely fan-friendly. It's already enjoyable to watch the Cougars and the Owls play at Cougar Field and Reckling Park, respectively, but how much more enjoyable would it be to watch your favorite Major Leaguers? Enron gives us that opportunity.

The excitement is building and Nolan Ryan throws the first pitch in two days.


Monday's Staff Editorial on the new Student Government Association administration contained two errors we feel must be corrected here, in a more prominent place than Page 2.

First, the editorial incorrectly implied that Justin Ray, who lost his bid for the SGA presidency, and Bill Kelly, who lost the SGA vice presidential runoff, may both continue to serve as SGA senators. In fact, that is only a possibility.

The only way either would become a senator is by appointment to fill a vacant Senate seat or by appointment to a position within the organization (for example, speaker of the Senate) by which he would become a senator, as stated in the Students' Association Constitution and Code.

The editorial also stated that neither President-elect James Robertson Jr. nor Vice President-elect De'Mia R. Willis have held a seat in SGA before. Robertson has not, but Willis currently holds a seat in the SGA Senate.

The Editorial Board deeply regrets both errors.


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