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Houston Oscar party an exciting, elegant affair

By Tanya Hirsch
Daily Cougar Staff

What do you do if you are a die-hard Oscar fan/media junkie and you don't have the chance to hang out with your favorite stars and attend Hollywood's biggest night? 

Well, you go to the Academy Awards Viewing Party at Houston's oldest theater building and witness the Academy Awards live on the big screen. Landmark River Oaks Three Theatre marked its 60th anniversary by hosting the event Sunday. 

Tickets sold for the meager price of $10 (the amount charged for the first Academy Awards ceremony held in 1929) and come 7 p.m., every seat in the house was filled. 

Tasty appetizers were made available to guests at the theater's entrance, all kindly donated by several Houston area restaurants (Barnaby's Café, Boulevard Bistrot, El Meson, La Strada, Tuscany Grill, etc.). Comedienne Nancy Ford emceed the event and to spice up an otherwise very long Academy Awards Show, door prizes and a "Pick the Academy Awards Winners" contest were held during commercial breaks. 

Three contests were held for the best-dressed female, male and showman. In the spirit of the Oscars many patrons were dressed to kill in dapper, elegant Academy Awards attire. 

Sarah Gish, city manager for Landmark Theatres, organized the event, and a portion of the proceeds from the evening benefited Houston's Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. 

If you are looking for an entertaining atmosphere while you watch this coveted awards show next year, then I strongly recommend Landmark River Oaks Viewing Party.

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